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I’m going take you through what I eat in a day while being on the keto diet I’ve not done keto before in the past I started the keto journey around the third week of January and I’ve taken two breaks so far and it’s been working for me and I like it yes there are a lot of sacrifices and a lot of you who may be watching maybe I’ve tried this before and it’s either worked or has not worked so each to its own I guess right I’m going to take you through what I eat for breakfast lunch dinner and a snack or two this is not typically what I have every day but this is what I have Planned If you have any tips for  so the first ingredient for our coffee our bulletproof coffee is a grave and use any type of gate and then MCT oil powder  and then you have your regular coffee and you need a blender so in terms of measurement I put two teaspoons of coffee and the measurement in this case is up to you if you want it stronger or less strong and then a tablespoon of with a scooper comes with this bottle so I’m just putting a tablespoon and a half and then you’re going to add some hot water and how many cups is totally up to you I usually use a Kauris coffee machine as you can see in the back but I ran out of Cape Cod so I’m just using instant coffee and then we’re just going to simply blend the coffee this is the best method to get this result the foam is everything for this shape we’re going to need cream cheese strawberries a sugar replacement which is the swerve and you can get it any type and that those are the calories and nutrition packs for you and then we’re going to need whipping cream and ice we’re going to need half a cup of whipping cream 1 tablespoon of cream cheese and then you’re going to put a tablespoon or a little bit more of sugar or the swerve I mean and then we’re going to blend those ingredients first after blending those ingredients you’re only going to add the strawberries and the ice after it’s very important that you add the strawberries and the ice after you blend those first few ingredients

and trust me guys this is probably the best and my favorite hello everyone it is a little after 1:00 and I’m going to start making lunch so here are the simple ingredients we have chicken breast or sister a seasoned shredded cheese eggs butter avocado and tomato I’m basically just going to whisk both the eggs cheese in here I like to mix it up everything should be good put in here some pepper also going to add this taco seasoning mix it is actually very good once this is 10 pounds we are going to add our mi and I’m actually going to make some scrambled eggs and there you have it so here are the scrambled eggs the chicken a kind of the cucumbers and the avocado all I wanted for dinner that day were some strawberries and cheese sticks

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