Weight LOSS TIPS to Changed My Life-healthy diet journey

what is going on guys will  welcome I used to be fat chubby husky whatever you want to call it and safe to say by looking at the photo I didn’t miss too many meals not too long after that I lost a hundred pounds with the eating disorder I was terrified of food I looked as food as good or bad and I was addicted to watching the scale drop with efforts to, put weight back onto my frame my dad introduced me to the gym and lifting weights I quickly got hooked to it and I started to build my body I didn’t really know what I was doing so although I put on a lot of muscle I did put on a lot of

fat, as well as time, went on and I went through a lot of trial and error and research on my own I finally found what worked and got me to the point that I’m at now and I’m able to maintain a very muscular and lean physique with relative ease so I went from this to this to this and now this so it’s safe to say I know a thing or two about gaining weight losing weight building muscle and maintaining lean physique

I’m gonna show you my top fat loss tips that I used that completely changed my life that made everything so easy as well as tips that I use right now to maintain a very low level of body fat so without further ado

tip number one is heat a very very high protein diet now I know there’s a lot of recommendations online as to how much you see in a day in my personal opinion eating a very high protein diet is crucial for fat loss maintaining or

even building muscle I’m a hundred and eighty pounds and I eat anywhere from two hundred and fifty grams to three hundred grams of protein per day I know that sounds like a lot of protein to a lot of people it actually sounds crazy to a lot of people I know but why I do

it is because protein is very situating compared to other macros carbs and fats it keeps me full throughout the day it prevents me from overeating and snacking

protein has a very high thermic effect which means it takes a lot of energy for it to break down in your body approximately 30 percent of the protein calories that you eat are just used to break down the food let’s take a look at this quick example on the right way of will number one and on the left we will number two each will eats 3,000 calories a day well number one eats a hundred and forty-four grams of protein which equates to 0.8 grams per pound of bodyweight which is generally the recommendation you’ll find online good number two eats 275 grams of protein de Lille number two is eating 524 calories more from protein if we divide that by 30% that’s a hundred and fifty-seven point two extra calories burned

just by processing those extra protein calories now if we times that by seven for one week that’s 1100 calories and even further by a month that’s 4,400 calories which equates to one and a quarter pounds extra fat loss per month just by eating the same amount of calories but jacking your protein Oh tip number two is increase your NEET which stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis this is the energy that you expend from things other than sleep eating and exercise it ranges from things like doing yard work cleaning your house going for walks fidgeting stuff like that not saying to start  fidgeting consciously like one like what

I’m saying is go for walks more if you live walkable distance to work walk to work if you’re at the mall don’t take that Slater walk the stairs stuff like that adds up over time it’ll make a huge difference I highly recommend getting an Apple Watch or Fitbit to keep track of your steps it’s a blessing and a curse tip number three is to Traindon’t just work out what do I mean by that oftentimes you hear a lot of people saying yeah I work out five days a week I work out seven days a week but what are you really doing when you’re working out are you just going into the gym going yeah I think I’m gonna bench press

today you know what I might do some curls like you have no structure you can just be going through the motions you’re winging your workouts going to the gym with a purpose know what you’re doing before you get to the gym and have a program in place and focus unprogressive overload what is progressive overload is making your body do more than what it did the previous week for example if you went in and benchpress200 pounds for three sets of ten on Monday the next time you come in at benchpress you want to try the bench pressing 105 pounds for three sets of ten small increments over time you’re

going to force your body to lose fat build muscle is very metabolically active which means even if you add five pounds of muscle it’ll add so much t your metabolism so much to your BMR they even just sitting and doing that thin you’ll start to burn more calories tip number four is to don’t drink your calories I get absolutely amazed when I see people slamming juice slamming pop slamming alcoholic beverages when they’re trying to lose body fat what anything’s more filling 280

calories of orange juice or 280 calories of a chicken breast drinking your calories is a really good way to overeat try choosing things like stevia which is like a zero-calorie pop sparkling water black coffee herbal teas even just water the main driver of fat loss is being in a calorie deficit and drinking your calories is not the best way to do it tip number five is to track your calories do not do this intuitive eating stuff you will overeat no I’m not saying

that you need to get a food scale and use it for the rest of your life what I am saying is maybe pick up a food scale use it for one to two weeks you have a general idea of what’s coming in your body know what eight ounces of chicken look like no one cup of rice looks like knowing what a handful of vegetables look like so when you go out for dinner you can apply that knowledge when you look

at a plate, you can kind of ballpark you know what this is 500 calories 70 calories only a general ballpark of your maintenance calories is a very good idea because it gives you something to go back to if you’re gaining or losing weight you can kind of take away so calories or up your calories if you need to tip number six, is to get creative in the kitchen this is something listen to develop over time the more that you make this into a lifestyle everyone has those foods that they love something that they crave but now it’s kind of up to you to find some sort of recipes that you can kind of make yourself to implement those things that you want in a lower calorie option so here are some examples so two tablespoons of peanut butter you’re looking at 210 calories if you go to the supermarket get the powdered peanut butter two tablespoons of peanut butter is 45 calories and then here’s another great example of a Caesar salad dressing that’s maybe 30 calories

it’s understanding those small  adjustments that you need to make to make the big difference like you might be someone who has cereal every morning you had normal milk in but now you might be putting cashew milk in because that goes from 150 calories Lily down to 25 calories for a cup tip number seven is to trick your mind this may be a little bit difficult to explain so let’s go to the kitchen so losing body fat is more a mental game than anything the minute that you know that you’re on a calorie deficit you’re going to start to feel

hungry all day long it’s just how it works it sucks so how can we make yo feel like you’re eating a maintenance calories without actually eating and maintenance calories is to track your food at maintenance calories but not actually eat maintenance calories what the hell do I mean for example for breakfast if you’re someone who has two tablespoons of peanut butter with slices of toast a banana and a cup of milk you’re looking at around 712 calories for that meal but now if you swap the toast out for three rice cakes fifty calories each instead of the tablespoon of peanut butter you add powdered peanut butter for 45 calories instead of regular milk you add cashew milk and keep your same banana in you only have 340 calories for that meal 712 – 340 is 372 calories and that’s basically your entire deficit for the day and you’re still having the same volume of food you don’t have to follow this approach for a meal in total per se you can kind of do it for small things

throughout the day for example if you’re someone who likes to have a Powerade or a Gatorade before during or after your

workout you can switch your regular Powerade for our Powerade 0 zero calories as opposed to 250 calories so you’re saving a lot of calories like that so I’m a very regimented person and mI usually eat the same meals every single day I like it I’m a simple guy so for dinner I usually have 450 grams of lean ground beef with a bunch of veggies just sauteed up in a pan 450 grams of lean ground beef you’re looking at around 900 calories for just that pace of ground beef so all I do is I eat the same throughout the entire day but instead of 450 grams of ground beef I swap that out for extra lean ground turkey which is 540 calories and that’s

my deficit for the entire day and I’m still eating the exact same volume of food so why I think this approach works is so well because when you’re done for the day and you look at your like daily log of food you don’t see that link deficit like you don’t see like oh if I usually 3000 calories and now you’re at 2500 calories you might start to think of ways that you would usually fill that out like you might go oh I can usually have a scoop of ice cream I could have a protein bar

I can maybe have a scoop of peanut butter to get to my maintenance calories and you might actually eat it and just start spinning your wheels as opposed to if I

 implemented my ground turkey as ground beef my 2,500 calories shows up as 3000 calories on MyFitnessPal I know I have no more room for anything else and I know I’m done for the day and I go to bed and I feel fine tip number eight the last and final tip is to have fun with it have fun with your workouts if you get bored of your workouts you’re not gonna want to go the motivation is gonna below you’re gonna go and go through the motions so if I say that you love to do find a workout partner me to go to a fitness class I go to the warrens Theory with my mom we kill it together we push each other and more so she pushes me

she’s an absolute animal it’s just a great way to incorporate kind of like a social life with your fitness to make you feel like you want to go challenge

 yourself have competitions with other people so those are eight on my best fat loss tips that I used to get into the best shape of my life hopefully you guys can take some of these and apply it to your own fat loss journey

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