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Hello, guys today we are going to prepare recipes for  Turmeric ginger while this is a very fun and festive time of the year it can also be a little bit stressful and taxing on the particular  body( turmeric with ginger benefit) so I’m sharing with you guys single simple as well tasty boosting immunity turmeric ginger. how to boost immune system as well as  honey bun simply this is an anti-inflammatory paste that you can use a couple different ways to help give your body a little extra support during particular holiday season as well immune boost food  now you’re going to need an sealed container personally I like to use a little mason jar because I can make the paste right in the jar and then store it in the jar as well so there’s no transferring and no extra cleanup so into the jar goes one tablespoon of fresh grated turmeric if you’ve never worked with fresh turmeric or ginger  before this is what it looks like it’s a lot like ginger but do be aware that it will stain your fingers it will make them a bright orange yellow a color so if that bug is you make sure to wear a pair of gloves before you great your turmeric and if you cannot get your hands on any fresh turmeric no big deal just swap in 1 tablespoon of the ground dried turmeric then I’ve got 1 tablespoon of fresh grated ginger 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper as well as  guys that black pepper is very important because it helps particular  body to absorb all of the benefits of particular  turmeric so you want to be sure that you don’t leave that out and then finally the zest from one lemon now that is the base recipe – particular honey which I’m going to get to within just a minute

but if you really want to kick this immune booster up a notch what I like to do is also add in one teaspoon of fresh crushed garlic and a couple dashes of cayenne pepper do note both of those component  are 100% optional as well as possibly just used for particular  brave of heart but I really do recommend them especially if you’re already feeling under the weather then I’m adding 1/4 cup of  honey manuka  now if you’ve never heard of  honey manuka  before this  is  thick rich creamy sweet delicious honey that is super powerful it is four times more nutrient dense than most average floral honeys and not only does it help support way help boost immunity as well particular  gut but people have been using it intended for years topically to treat burns as well as like a DIY beauty mask so I’ve got that in there I’m going to stir that all together as well such  turmeric  ginger  honey bomb is ready to go then to store this I just pop on the lid stick it in my fridge and it will happily last up to 10 days just like that and then I’ll use it a couple of different ways one way I like to use it is mixed into some fresh juice so I have some fresh orange juice here I just take one teaspoon of the honey mix it in with a small glass of juice and you’ve got yourself an immunity boosting juice and jucie for immunity boost  guys all you need single  teaspoon because

I’m telling you this paste is potent a little goes a long way Tellis then another way I like to use it and this is actually my personal favorite way to use it is I take a teaspoon put it in the bottom of a mug then I bring some water up to a boil in my teapot shut it off and let it cool down single bit because the thing with the honey  manuka honey  you don’t want the water to be super hot because we want all of the benefits of the honey to stay intact so let the water cool a bit then I pour it over give it a stir and I am Telling You guys this is so delicious warm comforting and it’s the kind of drink where as soon as you smell it you’ll

feel better as well as guys here’s particular contract I know with the aim of honey manuka  can be a little bit pricey so I reached out to my friends at wetter spoon they make a delicious creamy non-GMO manuka honey

what do you do that time of year  maintain your immunity boosted as well as feeling good so you can have a good old time during the

Share it with anybody else you know who’s trying to keep it clean and delicious  throughout the holidays if you guys want to print this head on over to clean a delicious calm and thank you so much

it one of the best healthy winter recipes to boost immunity

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