Christmas would not be Christmas without a great roast recipes for Christmas turkey dish   Christmas recipes for dinner but quick as well as  easy cooking it’s about easing you up on stress as well as  if there’s ever a time of year to give you that it’s Christmas this recipe uses free-range turkey dried cranberries fresh thyme unsalted butter as well as smoky Street bacon what I want to do is roast it in the most incredible way that’s going to blow your mind it’s going to give you the crispy skin the luscious boneless meat  Christmas recipes taste so what we’re going to do is make a Christmas flavored butter as well Christmas recipes dinner  as  I’m using some dried cranberries that I’m just chopping up and I’m picking in some beautiful time take it nice and well and then to make a flavored butter is pretty damn simple all I do is add some salt and a little pepper and then I’ve got a pack of butter here this has been out of the fridge for an hour so it’s kind of crumple able which we love that is now the nearly all remarkable butter how to make flavored butter now you could do this like a week two weeks before pop that in the freezer as well as you’ve got a job done for Christmas so here is our lovely well-known attractive seven kilo free-range bird let me show you the coolest slight way to get that flavored butter under the skin of this turkey Christmas roast  get a spatula with a rubber end and then simply put the tip in between the boneless meat as well as  particular  skin and then you just want to move it around and what you’re doing is creating like a little receptacle do the same thing on the other side luminous just pop the butter into the two pockets the bird will then kind of baste itself so you can lash out back and do what you like any excess butter we can in a minute rub all over get the time and stuff that into the cavity so look this will flavor the bird but also the juice that comes out will flavor the gravy later on if you love gravy then you have to use the giblets it will give you the nearly all unbelievable flavor we can put some of our excess bits of thyme in there as well As well as then we can pick a lovely bird up As well as on she goes all loved all taken carp of it really is that quick last step tuck your bird up in foil nice and snug for me personally I always do this on

free-range bird it’s a higher welfare bird so this one will be about 25 to 30 minutes per kilo and then for a standard bird there’s less fat so it has to be cooked a bit longer so 35 to 40 minutes per kilo and this is a 70-kilo bird so I’m going to cook this for about three hours pop your turkey in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius or 350 Fahrenheit cook that for two hours with the foil on then I’ll remove the foil and then I’ll show you what to do next so this beautiful turkey has had two hours 40 minutes be careful getting out yes and best Christmas recipes treat and  you can see where the flavored butter has almost caramelized under the skin oh my lord as well as in the bottom of the tray we’ve got that blend of the butter the turkey fat and all the lovely sticky goodness you can also use Christmas recipes side dishes

what’s amazing to do now is take the last ingredient smoked streaky bacon it has to be smoked guys put it into this or goodness in the bottom of the trap as well as then just kind of knit it in and around haha now that is a Christmas turkey so what we have to do now very importantly is let it rest so letting it rest just let all the moisture go back to the right place so what I would suggest is move this beautiful thing to a platter so I’m going to give you a couple of little tips on how to tell if the turkey is definitely cooked now you could use a thermometer you could check that the juices are running clear another little sort of check is just to be at a pinch that’s I me and if you can pull it away from the bone beautiful

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