INSTANT POT Oxtails In Instant Pot Beginner

first, in this bowl of ox elves, we’re just going to pour it everything in here this is my first time making oxtails you guys so had when

I was younger but never made it as an adult I got some minced garlic and thrown in there dry ingredients only thing we didn’t add in there are some bay leaves and chicken broth so one gets us a stir here the brown sugar is going to help the meat brown so I’m going to mix this up very well and such look at those colors I got some sad song you heard to

Yahoo, so it’s going to really make the color pop hope everyone is having a great day school, starts on Monday I have a ton of chapters to read which I will with my marketing management degree

the spring this is blended in very well I’m going to let this open here for about an hour you guys doesn’t that look beautiful okay ladies and gentlemen it’s been a good hour I didn’t remove the oxtails from our marinade which is this that’s

what we have left and we’re going to use this so we’re going to sauté our meat first so I’m excited to saute and now it’s gone it’s warm


right now make sure you don’t bond down you just want them to feel I should have cut some of the fat off but I know at the very end

I definitely will have to skim off the excess oil that’s going to be at the top look how that look these smell to it y’all I’m glad

I let them soak in all those flavors I’m going to serve this over right look at that nice color that microbiome color you’re looking for

I’m going to remove these now that they’re mild and add in the smaller pieces doesn’t that look delicious I say if you want it to sauté your vegetables you may do that first or you can add additional peppers and onions and sauté those separately from the base so

I’m just going to let this cook on low for a second until they get tender, okay let’s hit pressure cook we want it on high for 45 minutes these are going to fall off the bone you guys I kid you not and

we’re going to let it go see you back when it’s done okay ladies and gentlemen we did a natural release oh this looks so delicious I just want you to see how meaty this looks how delicious that meat is oh my look at all those flavors in there I think next time I probably will use like potatoes or carrots but this is going to be absolutely delicious

I’m going to use something that’s gravy to top of our rice so if you just want to take the spoon and easily scoop it out like that just get that excess grease off the top don’t forget to remove your bay leaf or bay leaves but we have two of them in there

I’ll just smell so good y’all there’s the other one okay yeah like the video share the video with your

Instant Pot Chili- Quinoa Chicken Chili-Instant Pot Recipes

 instant pot they are both variations of a chili recipe so lately I have been really into making big batches of things like this in my instant pot especially so that we can have them for lunch throughout the week or if I want to get dinner made early in the day so that

I don’t have to worry about it when the nighttime is crazy these are some of my go-to s especially in the colder weather

so I’m going to share two recipes with you one is a turkey chili and one is a quinoa chicken chili so stay tuned and  so this step is optional but I do like to pressure cook my chicken before

I put the rest of the ingredients in the chili just so that I can cook it for less time and I know that the chicken is cooked and that’s not an issue so I just spray the pot put the chicken in with a little chicken stock and I pressure cook it for

about 15 minutes again this is optional you would just have to add time to your cook time if you didn’t cook the chicken ahead of time

now the chicken is done cooking I’m letting the pressure out of the pot and then a little trick that I like to do is I like to shred the chicken using my hand mixer it’s much easier and faster than using some Forks and yes

I know that this is going to steam up the camera lens but it is really hot and so once I have shorted the chicken then I

start adding the ingredients so you saw me opening the cans to the crushed tomatoes the Rote and I used pre-made quinoa and that’s again to cut down my cook time

I used to use uncooked quinoa and you had to slow cook it for a lot longer so I’m just kind of using some tips to make this a much faster meal got to get it right yeah but your lives

 once everything is mixed together I’m going to close the instant pot and I am going to use the slow cooking feature there is also a bean and chili feature so depending on how much time you have before you want to eat this meal would be how you decide

so I either so cook it about two hours or I think you can put it on bean and chili for a lot less time like maybe an hour or less so that’s how it would decide so we like to make these as big batches for lunches throughout the week so when I go to serve it

I just heat it up in the microwave and I like to top it with shredded cheese or Greek yogurt or avocado or anything like that you could probably also add some chips that’d be really good and that is your lunch

now we are going to make a turkey chili in the instant pot this is a recipe we have been making for years in the crockpot but I actually really like making it in the instant pot

because it’s a one-pot meal you can use the sauté feature at the beginning to brown your meat and then you can switch it over to either the slow cook or the chilly feature to do the rest of the cooking so that is

what I’m doing I am browning the meat on the sauté feature and I actually usually add my onions in with the olive oil before I put the meat in but I forgot so you will see me add them very shortly and that is fine too since they’re going to cook in as it so cooks

Here I am chopping all my veggies the best part about this chili is that you can sneak in a lot of extra veggies and not even know they’re there and it is delicious this is also good

if you have kids who would eat this it’s getting a lot of extra veggies in there then I’m going to drop all the veggies in with the meat while it’s on sauté and then

I’m going to keep adding ingredients

 added everything and the spices I’m gonna give it a really good mix and then

I am going to put it on slow cook just because I did this early in the day and wound it ready for dinner you can also put it on union chili for a lot less time whatever you prefer and what you have time for

just like the other Chile love to have this and make it in a big batch for lunch I love to top this one with avocado something about the base makes it really yummy with avocado you can also put a little cheese Greek yogurt I’m sure if you added some chips or something like that that would also be great but I hope you really enjoyed


Instant Pot Vegan Yogurt

we’re gonna make a cashew coconut yogurt and it’s so amazing to be able to make something at home that you really thought you had to buy all you need to do is start with cashews and you literally put them in a bowl with water and weave them just so for at least 6 hours but I like to leave them overnight the longer you leave the cashews soaking the more creamy and

smooth your yogurt will be that’s great yeah buddy really loves a chunky yogurt yeah of course not so then what you do is you take the cashews and you just strain them cashews are great they’re heart-healthy they have lots of fiber and fatty acids and essentially this yogurt is going to be dairy-free so you’re just gonna put the cashews in the blender put in coconut milk so this will

make your yogurt really thick and decadent so we’re just gonna blend up okay I think it looks ready there are no visible chunks we’re just going to pour this into a microwave-safe bowl and microwave it for two minutes and you just want to make sure that it gets cooled down after the microwave to between 90 and 110 degrees

okay before you put in your yogurt starter culture so it starts to act on the milk and turns bacteria into more probiotics so basically it’s good stuff for your health and mixes it in if you don’t have a yogurt starter culture

you can also use store-bought yogurt to get those probiotics going and then we’re just going to pour this into our jars this is just clean at this point you can mix in pureed fruits like berries or peaches or even some melted chocolate to give your yogurt some flavor so the next thing that we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna put a

little bit of water about two to three cups in an instant pod or a slow cooker and put it on saute for 1 to 2 minute just a little bit just o get it hot and then what we’re gonna do is put covers on our yogurt and place them in a pot at this point your instant pond is off you turn it off for the night

you and loud the yogurt cultures to incubate and the yogurt thickens and becomes yogurt tomorrow morning there’s breakfast exactly so

here is the yogurt and we’re gonna make our own parfaits here that we can bring to go to the office because I know yeah we work together I like a little bit of everything I don’t know what your preference is I like berries and also something crunchy at the end of the day there weren’t really too many steps it was pretty easy you can really customize that to your palate and how you like it exactly

Quick Instant Pot Eggplant Chicken

I’m going to show you guys how to make eggplant chicken in the instant pot so it only takes 10 minutes to make eggplant chicken in the instant pot so if you have all the ingredients ready it’s just a matter of adding all

the ingredients to be stainless steel pot then chopping the onions and followed by pressure cooking for about five minutes so the spices that we’ll be using for making this dish will be some aromatic Indian spices it’s really tasty and this can be served along with rice chapatis rotis or even with nods so are

you guys ready let’s get started let’s first turn on the sauté mode so the temperature should be medium and click start if you’re using instant part ultra model after the stainless steel part has turned hot add 1 tbsp of oil to the oil add 1 chopped onion

 season the onion with a half teaspoon of salt saute the onions for a minute let’s

add one large clove garlic so I’m grading the garlic you can also add chopped garlic saute the onions and garlic for a minute I’m going to add one chicken breasts diced if you want you can add ties instead saute for a minute

next, I’m going to add diced eggplant so this is American eggplant I have used 1 medium-sized if you have any other variety you can use that one tomato chopped

give everything a good mix now it’s time to add all the spices one teaspoon of chili powder quarter teaspoon turmeric powder half teaspoon cumin powder 2 TSP coriander powder 1/2 teaspoon salt so combine everything well

let’s close the pot with the lid and make sure pressure release valve is secured in place cancel sautee mode and now let’s select the pressure cook mode set the time to five minutes and the pressure should be high so I’m going to change the pressure from low to high so

it’s at high pressure now select that and click start after 25 minutes of pressure cooking let’s do a quick pressure release so I’m clicking the pressure release vent so now let’s open the lid I mean here is the well-cooked chicken and eggplant

I’m going to add two tablespoons of tomato paste combined well and let tomato paste incorporate well with the gravy so the stainless steel part is very hard so we don’t have to turn on the saute mode just cook for a couple more minutes give taste and if you need more salt you  Can add finally garnish with quarter cup of chopped cilantro

let’s serve into a bowl so our delicious eggplant chicken is ready here since we have pressure cooked for five minutes eggplant has turn mushy and it gives a nice thick texture to the gravy tastes really good here you have it guys delicious eggplant chicken that’s made in the instant pot effortlessly so this can be served along with rice rotis chapatis are even bit non so don’t give this recipe a try  then happy cooking and bye


prepare chicken breasts in the special sauce I will make Katie sauce with garlic and over Italian pasta, I will add some dry figs to the chicken and it will be amazing okay I have about 3 pounds of chicken breast here what I’ll do I’ll just slightly cut pop only not to the end meat on top

what I’ll use is about seven small keys for the sauce I’ll cut them in half obvious lender I have to scoop down this kid is the blender I have keys about two tablespoons olive oil

I have a sauce ready now I will take some dry fish and soak in a water I have about 20 dried figs and 1 cup of warm water and let it soak for 15 minutes while it’s soaking Alex’s chicken with Johnny’s seasoning salt is my favorite soul now we would get a garlic sauce on the top make sure it’s a little bit inside our place chicken to the instant

I’m adding ticks over the chicken now what would mix to position and wait for 15 minutes wild chicken in instant pot

I’ll prepare some olive oil okay we’ll cook this pasta for 2 minutes I will use some chives for garnish that’s time for this test let’s try this chicken that keeps it garlic sauce I mean this chicken so wonderful I love this pasta fresh p.m. thank you

Frozen Chicken in the Instant Pot

instant pot to get dinner ready in a flash so I am going to check the time when we start and then I will check the time when it is plated so the thing that we’re going to make today is kung pao chicken from frozen

now I’m gonna cheat a little bit because I’m going to use a store-bought kung pao sauce and all I need is that store-bought sauce a cup of water and my frozen chicken so you ready for this solet me check the time it is exactly 45 so is we are going to freezer so it is right in frozen see that it’s frozen

it’s sitting kind of caddywhompus in there yes that’s a word um next we are going to take our Kung Pao sauce this also works with the orange sauce the teriyaki sauce the Beijing sauce it all works in this same manner because I had tried it my family loves the Panda

Express seasoning so this is a no-brainer I don’t have to work for this I would also like to mention I’m just going to pour it right in right over the top like that is literally all we’re gonna do I’m going to pour it this cup of water inside the bottle and I’ll show you why so I wanted to mention that I am using left over rice from last night’s dinner we had mushroom pork chops last night and

I made way too much rice so we’re going to use the rice I’m but I am going to brown some carrots in a frying pan to have with this for the Browning the carrots it’s you know brown butter carrots one of my favorites actually I might do broccoli I have frozen broccoli in the other room and I’ll just put it in a pan

so that’s all frozen chicken leftover rice and some frozen broccoli and this will be done very soon okay so once I have all that shaken up I’m just going to pour it right in and we’re gonna replace the lid we’re gonna set to seal and we’re going to turn on our manual for 14 minutes and then we’re gonna leave it and I’ll see you back here with Miss Beach and we’ll check the time and we’ll have dinner very shortly see you then alright the time has come

it is about 621 and the instant pot is about to go off says one minute so as soon as it goes off we will release the pressure and once its release we will show you what we got now there are a couple of things I wanted to mention with frozen chicken so in this recipe, if you’re using big thick frozen chicken breasts you’ll want to add a couple of minutes to that time probably instead of 14 maybe do 16 or 18 minutes if you run like 16 maybe just depends on how big

they are I’m second-guessing myself but if you open your pod and you see that your chicken like cut into it and you see that it’s just not done yet put it in for another couple minutes and you’ll be just fine um usually I cut my chicken pre cut my

chicken before it goes in the freezer bag so that way that when it’s frozen and goes into my pot after it comes apart it all kind of goes into the sauce and cooks more so that’s what you’re having this one

this is actually a chicken thigh, not a chicken breast and I didn’t pre-cut it put it in frozen now six points one and while this was cooking I did make some store-bought pot stickers and actually decided on the carrots the broccoli and a little bit of green onion in brown butter so good and then my leftover oh

 look at how beautiful that is and we are going to dish it up immediately so I’m going to take my chicken I almost call it pork kung pao chicken and sauce and I’m just going to put it right over the top of my rice just like so now you could top this with a few crushed peanuts or cashews or anything else but I am allergic to peanuts so I’m not gonna do peanuts and I don’t have any cashews today do have almonds but that kinds like almonds on my kind pile

so let’s try it let’s let them get to the track so delicious I know it’s really hot oh man hmm I love this meal so easy so quick tastes like an Asian restaurant tastes like Panda Express oh yeah no little bites when your chicken is in these little bites it reminds you, Justin, the heat hits you right in the back of the throat mmm okay all right well that’s it I’ve gotta get off here get everyone fed and move on to the rest of our day

Instant Pot Creamy Tomato Soup Recipe For Beginner

Teach you how to make my tomato soup it is creamy it’s deliciously full of flavor it can be made on the stove top or in the instant pot whichever you prefer I also have real cheese croutons to go along with it one of my all-time favorite things deserve with tomato soup now if you love homemade decadent recipes

let’s make some awesome we’re gonna start with the tomato soup and while it’s cooking we will make the grilled cheese croutons now you can make this tomato soup in the insta pot or you can make it on the stovetop the instructions are completely identical

saute deglaze gobble the other ingredients but in one, you start your insta pot and pressure cook it and the other you just simmer it on this stove now we’re going to start by hitting the saute button now add the sun-dried tomato oil either to your insta pot or your stovetop pot now we’re also going to be using sun-dried tomatoes in

this recipe so I just squeezed out the sun-dried tomatoes from the jar and then I retain and keep the oil to use all right now go ahead and add all the onions and some garlic or a lot of garlic and you want to saute and obviously they’re gonna be a little bit red because the sun-dried tomato oil now you can use regular olive oil if you prefer but I love the extra flavor that

the sun-dried oil gives this – alright let’s talk for a second about the negative of the instant pot and that is the dreaded burn notification now anytime you are beginning and insta pot recipe with the sautee function and you’re cooking something on the bottom of the pan like that you run the risk of not getting it completely cleaned and getting the burn

so there are two things that I recommend doing the first one is to use the nonstick liner that makes a huge difference the inner pockets and extra expense but one that I have found is totally worth it and then the other thing you want to do is a really good deglazing so now that this is all cut aid and fresh I’m going to add about ½ a cup of whatever liquid you’re adding

tradition this case chicken broth and if you want to stir and make sure how you like to use a nice flat spoon that there’s nothing stuck anywhere on the bottom of the pant I knew that you should be good to go the reason you want to add just a half a cup of broth is so that you can still kind of see the bottom of the pan is used stir and make sure that you’re getting everything clean if you added the full four cups at

once it would be a little bit harder to tell if you are really getting the bottom clean once you’re satisfied the bottom is deglazed we’re gonna add the rest of the broth now we’re going to add those sun-dried tomatoes gonna add salt pepper oregano dried basil finely red pepper flakes now the red pepper flakes are what gives this heat so if you don’t want heat don’t add any of this if you

like more heat obviously, you can add more but be careful a little goes a long way and now for the final ingredient the crushed tomatoes give everything a quick stir now click cancel to turn off the saute function and then pressure cook for five minutes now because this is already warm because we have almost at a function it shouldn’t take too long to come up to pressure now if you’re cooking this on this stove go ahead and simmer it for about thirty minutes to really get those flavors to come

together but make sure you use a lid because it can get a little splattery now for the grilled cheese croutons I’m really just making grilled cheese so I like to use two slices of cheese or if you’re cutting yourself one thick slice butter the outside you don’t want to cook grilled cheese too hot then the bread will get cooked and crunchy before

the cheese has a chance to get all melty in the middle let your sandwiches cool slightly just so as you cut them the cheese isn’t slipping around and I start by cutting off all the sides and now you have croutons for your soup now you can crisp up these grilled cheese croutons a little bit more by spreading them out on a cookie sheet and putting them in the oven at low heat for a couple of minutes and then giving them a

stir but I find if they’re fine just as they are so I don’t usually bother with that step once this tun cooking let it natural release for ten minutes open it up and give it a stir now it’s time to puree it until it’s nice and smooth now you can do that by scooping it in too carefully because it’s hot into a blender or food processor and running it

or using a hand blender now I went years without having a hand blender it’s actually relatively new for me and I don’t know what I ever did it before cuz it is perfect for stuff like this now we’re gonna add the cream cheese be careful not to let it flop and peering somewhere

the cream cheese adds a wonderful creaminess to the soup but if you don’t like that you can, of course, leave it out

for just use less of it it will also change the color of this soup so instead of having a true red tomato soup this is more of a reddish-orange tomato soup but these delicious now for the best part we get to try it carefully it’s really hot there’s just not much better than a good soup I love the crunch from the grilled cheese croutons the soup itself is perfection

I could literally I think just drink this by the pot I did seriously fan-favorite and it’s so easy that my kids can make it like older kids I have them start making dinner once a week to get used to it before they leave home and this is a go-to for them it’s just so simple

so quick and so easy now grilled cheese and tomato soup is a childhood favorite of my was one of the weeknight dinners that my dad always made that we all still love

you can also try these recipes at your home :

  • instant pot chicken thighs
  • instant pot brown chicken
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  • instant pot sweet potatoes

All these recipes which I discuss above you will love it and try wee night dinner it is easy recipes prepare under 30 minute with instant pot

we all have busy lives and we all need such type thing which can prepare under a couple of few minutes so the best equipment for cooking is an instant pot which can prepare each type of recipes under 30 minute it is one of the smart and easy things every one love it


Instant Pot Recipes Chinese

in the modern period, people are very familiar with quick pot as this is cooking food fast as compare the other ordinary pot and it can have the feature which has mostly wanted to the kitchen you can use it and it can simple to operate and manage you can try it lonely in your home

Beef Kimchee Stew

 I wanted to make a beef kimchee stew or in Korean itself beef kimchee jiggle so I’m going to attempt to make it for the first time in my instant pot pressure cooker I got some frozen beef and couple ingredients to make the kimchee jiggle and I hope it turns out pretty good I don’t have much time today I want to get out and about so hopefully within 15 to 20 minutes with the pressure cooker this thing will be done and hopefully it turns out to be delicious so first off I got a couple ingredients with me I got kimchee it’s not s fermented as I wanted to be but you know kimchee  right it’s always good I got the red pepper paste soy bean paste someone told me in the group to put some of that to make it a little more creamier I’m going to do a little soy sauce a little more umami red pepper powder and then the beef I’m going to use it’s just going to be simple beef stew meat nothing crazy and to add more meat and throw a little bit of spam who doesn’t like spam right I love spam so uh anything with spam I think it’s amazing so alright let me put the ingredients together and let me show you the process okay alright and last but not least I add it to spam in there I’m going to put maybe two cups of water in there they’ll put the lid on I’ll set the timer and then we’ll see what the result is in about 15 to 20 minutes

the lid on maybe I’ll get in as well  let’s see we’ll keep it simple I’m going to do a little meat here no that’s too much there you go all right like I said 15 to 20 minutes I let this do its job and we’ll see what the final result looks like all right keep your fingers crossed all right now that it’s ready it’s releasing the pressure what that pressure means is it’s let me know that it’s ready to go all right oh my goodness looks so good can you stir this up beef spam kimchee match made in heaven okay we have a finished product 20 minutes it’s ready and then let me try rather meet brother meet that I put in there which was frozen practically frozen when I put it in there now it’s so tender it’s a  winner beef kimchee chicken dinner

 Instant Pot Rice PILAF OR PILAU Recipe

Great episode offering high score scenes  we are making chicken Pulao in them instead part so now I have not made chicken pilaf in the insta part before I wanted to try this recipe because I’ve had a lot of people say well you know don’t test recipes do I’m on the and this on the screen and videotape it and I said fine this is one that I felt comfortable doing so this was the first time so this is but it came out amazing so if you want to learn how to do this let’s go ahead review all the ingredients

let’s get started so you see a lot of ingredients here but don’t worry I’m gonna take you step-by-step to do this we’re gonna do this together so we’re gonna need oil we’re gonna need about two to three tablespoons of oil I’m using olive oil so we’ll use that here I have two and a half chickens that I have cut and clean their bone in and use it one and a half of that here I have two and a half cups of rice I haven’t washed it yet but I wash it I’m not gonna soak the rice here I have two large potatoes that I have cut and cleaned and cut in bite-size pieces and I have also soaked it in water so that they don’t oxidize here the ingredients here the four things that you’ll see here the yoghurt the sliced onions the cucumbers and the carrots that we’re gonna make a condiment out of it’s called right – and have to have something like this when we have our peel out now you can also make Kitumba which would be just to omit the yogurt and you have a consumer and that’s also used in eating the peel out we’re gonna use salt to taste we’re gonna do I have here four tablespoons of ginger and garlic we’re gonna do two tablespoons that’s gonna go in our marination for our chicken two tablespoons are gonna go inside when we put in our whole spices that I feel when

they when it fries up with the oil it gives it a that intense flavor all right so now I’m gonna take you to step by step for the marination of the chicken I have here three tablespoons of yogurt this is the yogurt I have a tablespoon of cumin powder a tablespoon of coriander powder and a tbsp of garam masala this stuff here is gonna go for our marination I’m going to add some salt in there as well for our whole spices well what we’re gonna do is I have here a large onion that I have chopped up in tiny pieces and then we’re gonna do for red dried chili peppers you could use any peppers

you like I have four bay leaves here you can add more or little as you like I have one cinnamon stick I have about eight cardamom pods I have half a teaspoon of whole cloves and then I have or sorry this is black pepper clove black pepper and then here I have about eight cloves that we’re also gonna be using in the recipe so now let’s get started and I’ll show you everything step-by-step let’s go ahead turn our saute mop mode on and put the oil in so

let’s go ahead and add the two to three tablespoons of oil now we’re gonna need we don’t need too much oil in here just need enough so that we have enough to fry our onions and I mean saute our onions and also fire up the all the  whole spices now it might look that I’m putting a lot but I’m not I just my oil dispenser it comes out really slowly so that’s great all right so while it’ getting warm I am going to go ahead and first add my onions in here and I did forget a really important ingredient and that is cumin seeds we’re gonna need cumin seeds so I’m gonna go grab that all right now well that’s fine up let’s add half of our dessert garlic in here and then we’re gonna add our two instances here we’re gonna let this fry up nicely while that’s going on let’s go

ahead and quickly add the stuff that we need to in our chicken okay so in the chicken goes our ginger garlic I really like doing it this way I like the marination that goes into our chicken all right then we’re gonna put our yogurt in here then I have my cumin powder coriander powder and and then and by little bit bit I can see I brought at least one all right mix this up and we’re gonna need this on the side and then we’re going to work on our see what our onions look like and then we’re gonna add our whole spices let that fry up in the inste pot then we’ll combine everything together you can see herethat the onions have not browned which is perfect because I want this fill out to be more of white color and they’re still not very very soft so at this point I’ll go ahead and add my red peppers these close hold tougher one cinnamon cardamom perfect we’re gonna make this now give that now this is where the aromatics are gonna come from right we’re gonna let that onions get our very a little bit soft

then we’re gonna blockhead and add the chicken all right for our rights too we’re gonna do it in add yogurt in here you know in the same bowl that I’m going to be serving it in about a tablespoon of lemon juice now I am going to do about half a teaspoon of cayenne I don’t want it too spicy I’m also going to be doing half a teaspoon of Cajun seasoning I’m now gonna be doing salt in here because I already added the Cajun seasoning in here and the Cajun is pretty um salty next we add the onions carrots and that’s how fast you can make a nice right here the trick to this is let it marinate nicely so that you don’t get  really nice the onions will soften the cucumbers is gonna release some water and that’s gonna soften so

see how it’s pretty thick right now that’s completely fine and I’m not gonna add any water or any more lemon juice in it but why when we’re done in the end I’ll show you how much water will come out of the onions and they’ll become really nice and perfect consistency for a condiment make sure you do a taste test and it’s perfect so I’m gonna keep this aside let’s continue with our pilaf so now I’m just gonna add a little bit of salt in here and they’re about halfway full of potatoes now we’ll add our chicken in here give it a really nice stir and I am

going to be cooking this for about five minutes until I will show you that the chicken should be really nicely stir-fried and it will be like outside will be done the inside was to be wrong that’s the time we’re gonna put our rice in there and then we’re gonna put it on the rice more so the outside of the chicken is white you see that outside is white when I press on it I know that the inside is not cooked yet all right so that’s exactly what I wanted now what I’m going to do is I’ve washed my right our chicken is also gonna take out water so at this point I am only gonna add one cup of water in here it’s a trial so we’ll see what happens I’ll let you know in the end if that was a good decision or not all right just gonna stir this really well and I’ll add the one cup of water in here you can see the chicken is still gonna take our water so I just I don’t want my blouse to be super mushy but this will be perfect

we’re gonna cancel out of our saute mode and we’re gonna put it on the rice mode cancel out of that I am going to put it on rice mode I am then going to close the lid the valve onto sealing mode alright so this is gonna build up the pressure it’s gonna do its thing when it’s done we’ll come back we’ll open it together and then we’ll assess what it looks like and pressure release so that we can open it up and I’m gonna cancel out of everything right now alright so the pressure is released let’s go ahead and open this up together we are going to double-check if the potatoes are cooked if the rice is cooked if the chicken is cooked so you want to take a fork and you just want to fluff the rice up you don’t want to put a big spoon in and start moving things around you’re gonna break the rice all right whoa at that time okay hold on okay so the chicken is definitely cooked and

I’ll show you how I know all right you see this cut into it look it’s all white so this is cooked let me grab a potato is fork-tender and let me show you the rice look at how beautiful this rice is I’m gonna let it cool just a little bit and then I’m gonna put this in a serving dish and then we’ll come into a tasty chicken to love is done I’m super super super happy with our timings and the chicken came out amazing the rice is cooked it has not broken down it does not become mush my potatoes have cooked and I also want to show you the right to that we made look at how much water it has come out of it so this is why we don’t add the extra water also do a taste test because

I had to add a little bit of salt in there so do I taste just so that you can adjust the seasoning according to your palate so as far as of taste test I wan to show you here first our chicken is so beautifully cooked look at this look it’s super hot but look it’s just really nice white perfectly cooked our potatoes also fork tender so now I’m gonna take a little bit of my right to here and then

I’m gonna do a little bit of my chicken in here and I’m gonna do a taste test for you this is delicious not only was it super easy to make but it took no time at all to put this in the insta pile and get this

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