Phases of New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year oh we did it we made it through 2019 yeah Cheers one in 20 is gonna be fantastic I’m seeing things clearly new year new us the plan starts tomorrow Happy New Year you know what every year we do this new year’s resolution thing yes we do I know I’m going to totally wear a thong bikini this year me too let’s go all right

let’s do this

hey banana – banana I like it what are you gonna use them in a smoothie kale can’t wait to do this is gonna be so great fine I’ll shred it we get a little strength down the hill as well shredded like that lettuce you totally got to get a food scale, okay we got away our food of course muscle air food

yeah that’s the only way to know how many calories you’re getting oh okay what do you think will give me more games plant-based or whey protein hmm that one well it does say or gain yeah Oh let me tell you today has been a great first days already feel the fat melting off you know my muscles are feeling it nice and tired this has been a great first day can’t wait to put it again tomorrow we’re gonna be wrapped I know me too I’m so excited I already have picked out the song bikini bathing suit that I’m totally gonna buy when I’m looking smoking hot I cannot wait we are doing

so good 20 20 here we come how I’m so exhausted like this is why people lose weight this because they’re too tired to even lift their arm uptake you food I’m with you on that this is exhausting I have no energy for that you know I’m really starting to enjoy these10-minute walks really but where’s you hope like it’s freezing out here I don’t need one anymore my metabolism is so high I can literally literally feel the fat melting off of me all right well you can freeze well this shows a yeah I see you looking good taking the weights off gotta give the muscles let’s do

hey you’re not gonna do party here with me oh really do these here finally you need to start planning for next week well yeah but before that what is that Oh Stellabrought these over I wasn’t gonna um cuz you know we’ve been doing so well but we have been doing really well we’ve been doing very good I think we can make one fit I mean they do say you can have a cheat meal yeah we’ve been on the diet for like three days now I know why one just once and we can make it fit mostly well um that was a little more than one, yeah whoops I don’t think it’s gonna fit the macros you know um start fresh on Monday cheers to the new year mostly fit oh boy that one’s going all-in we’re so good

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