New Year’s Eve 2019 Glitter Bottle DIY|Easy LaHIst Minute Bottle Decor

Welcome back New Year’s Eve 2019 Glitter Bottles DIY

Let’s get started

, let’s bring in the new year with these easy but elegant unopened champagne bottles! I bought four unopened bottles of the cheapest Champagne I could find and removed all the labels. I only left the aluminum wrapping on the top. You want to put them in the sink with lukewarm water and dish soap. Make sure the water isn’t too hot, I’ not sure if too much heat will ruin the champagne or not so keep it lukewarm to be on the safe side.

Place the bottles into the sink and let them soak. I was able to peel off the top label without soaking and took the rest off with a Brills pad. Make sure to let them soak well before you start… I was so eager to get started that I didn’t let them soak long enough. That’s why I had a harder time taking them off.

Dry them off and take one of the bottles and spray paint it gold. you don’t have to use spray paint.

You can use gold metallic acrylic paint it you’d like and ignore that other thing. I was going to use it as a topper but change my mind. Grab 2 of the bottles and paint them with black acrylic paint. and grab the remaining bottle and give It a coat of gold metallic paint. If you’re wondering why I didn’t spray paint this one, it’s because I’ll be covering it with gold glitter once it’s dry’s. I like to use at least one coat of paint under my glittered bottles so that you don’t end up using as much glitter. The acrylic paint is cheaper and dries faster Set them all in front of a fan to dry quicker.. meanwhile printout the 2019 numbers and decoupage them onto some felt. You can also use, crafting foam, card-stock thin cardboard or even fabric. The reason I do this is so the numbers have a slight rise when I glue them onto the bottles. I like to use the felt because it’s more flexible to glue onto the curves of the bottle. Combine gold and black glitter into one container. Take one of the black bottles and using a brush, give it a nice even coat of Mod Podgy. Then cover it with the gold and black glitter. Work quickly so that the glue doesn’t dry out by the time you get to the glitter.

You can also do it in sections if you’ like. Grab the gold bottle painted with the metallic acrylic paint and do the same thing as you did with the previous bottle but this Tim only use the gold glitter. I had added glitter glue to it but it wasn’t the look I was going for. I liked the look of the loose glitter Bette for this set. Once all of them are dry, add gold glitter to the top of all four bottles. You don’t want to overdo it, you just want to add hints of the glitter. Once the numbers are dry, cut them all out. Then you want to glitter the number two and one with the gold glitter. You might have to give them two coats. Just make sure to let them dry between each one.

Using the gold and black combination, glitter the zero and the nine. Again you might want to give it two coats. Make sure your glitter combo has more black glitter than gold for this part. Once everything is dry you want to hot glu the numbers onto each bottle. Using the first bottle as a guide, glue the rest of the numbers

Lastly, I made some curls out of gold and black ribbon and wrapped them around the necks of the bottles. You can use a dab of hot glue if you need to keep them in place. and here they are my crafty fem.! These weren’t meant to be over the top o complicated. They’re an easy but elegant way to dress u those new year’s eve bottle’s some of

y’all going to be popping on Monday! So there’s no need to overdo these because they’re going to get destroyed anyways once you open them. Remember that you can use whatever glitter combos you want. I used black and gold because it’s a common color combo to have in your crafting supplies or is easy to find. As always my crafty fem. remember to have fu be creative and you will definitely be making a mess if you make these. I want to wish everyone a happy new year and I hope that 2019 brings everyone a year of happiness, success and many blessings. Please drink responsibly and to my sober far members, remember that you don’t need to drink to have a great time. I love you, happy new year and God bless you all!

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