Jamaican Rice & Peas Recipe with Brown Stew Chicken

Jamaican Rice & Peas Recipe with Brown Stew Chicken love the guys are basically right here I’m cooking some rice and peas all right and I’m doing this one the original I have a dry coconut which I can also use but I know  mean it may need  particular  a time the jerk coconut because the Jack coconut yield a tiny while to get particular liquid  out as well   I you know I mean I wake up a little bit earlier and I make sure cook some off some piece as I can see from so this is some fresh peas I’m cooking right here – you need  particular  pizza cat at a pressure cooker you can slow cook it are soak it overnight alright so that I show you can be yourself a nice lovely rice some peace in your kitchen alright first thing we’re going to put some fresh thyme all right here we have some spree on in spring on and is very good in rice on piece trust me and I’m going to put some white onion lovely so with that please treat ingredients already  going to put some coconut milk in it I’m using of about of cans of coconut milk that is just lovely and nice all right guys that is beautiful secondly I’m going to put some black pepper that’s going to put a slight jiff of  emotion purposes not much does a tiny bit dean mean the flame right up I don’t know if anyone never Chinese much try this one at all mixed up and now we’re going to put some salt that’s a there’s a tweak of salt not much pinch give it a taste and see oh man that’s perfect Wow can’t believe that’s really good so then I covet nada to cook for about 10 to 15 minutes 10 minutes the least 10 minutes after that 10 minutes that we’re going to put in some rice nice and lovely so know what I’m going to do is check a look understand right here it’s fantastic all right .it perfect no necessity of oil and  butter keeping this healthy nothing the coconut milk alone is sufficient for this right here guys honestly so please not classy are not putting anything inside of it or my dessert chef record I work in a cooking it is a healthy cooking butter scotch bonnet pepper inside of it nice lovely hold on all right that is perfect now we’re going to wash my rice which is straight inside of it all right that is lovely that is fantastical nice and lovely guy so basically what they’re going to do now is simple she wrote I am NOT putting that beautiful rice into the water alright so basically when you’re cooking the rice and peas there’s a little bit of water over this rice not much the rice from using it it is the basmati rice very easy to cook but I’ll give you some ideas all right I don’t wash my rice in but it wash my rice and I’m going to put it straight inside as I can see all right do not makes a lot of water over the rice does please then I mean we see how much water half because I don’t want it to be too soggy so you want the rise to be really nice it’s understand a simple us remove a little bit of the liquid so in a gaseous basmati rice and is easy to cook when you’re moving is you spoon through it you suppose I can see the rice all right I’m tasting it now that’s perfect remember the way I cook this rice there is no butter and there is no I’ll use only oil is a coconut oil I did me using sugar a lot of people use sugar now these are the stuff inside of it I didn’t use not like that I cook it the healthy way if you’re a person want to lose weight alright guys if you want to lose weight honestly anything you’re cooking at home do not use our do it natural and the authentic way alright if you have prevent acid does peppermint the seed inside of it to get that flavor what you’re looking for alright guys so this is something yeah I got prevent a seed and I’m going to simple put that what tree Perm enter seed inside of the water prevent acid is very good for weight last oh I realize somebody’s sick class I said if you cook in a rice and peas please don’t spoil it you know yeah we’re going to call it I’m just going to know that for about 10 minutes the water will dry down all right so at the moment I’m using electric of them I just put it on for all right lovely so for the next 10 minutes I never take a good look again that is beautiful look sweatiness this that is fantastic and on an amazing I want to take it down what to say thank everyone are you  that one who drew derisive days we don’t want to rule all right doctor softly not’s loud for it to the so a little bit more and we are good to goal right let’s taste it that is lovely five more minutes and it’s ready nice I love the guys a basic take a good look at that so no it is finished so only thing left to do is to dose sheer top all right so enjoy the recipe Jamaican Rice and Peas Recipe

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