Instant Pot Yogurt Recipe

  INSTANT POT YOGURT I have the recipe ready to prepare and  yogurt using the instant fun pot and they are going to   see how easy and how fast it is and just   we need three ingredients  to prepare yogurt in the way that

 what we are going to do today is very  important that they use this kind of milk  that says ultra filter doesn’t have to be   of this brand but it is very important   say ultra filter I’m going to tell you  what does ultra filter meat  in a fractionation process by   membranes that separate the elements to   molecular level generating, as a result, a more nutritious milk with more   protein than the one that comes from the   own natural milk that’s why it is  important that they do it because if they use   another the milk of   gallon we have to do it in another way   which consists of boiling the milk using   also it’s print after it has   to take the temperature to arrive   at a certain temperature and then later   lower the temperature and then strain the   good milk is more complicated that’s why I

 I recommend you buy this milk and   you save on all those steps to   sweeten our yogurt I’m going to use milk  condensed you can use   this brand or any brand that you   find nothing more than milk   condensed yes where you live not you can find here I show you some  other brands that you can use nothing else   it has to say condensed milk too   we are going to need yogurt and it has to be   natural yogurt this is how you should say   play and the brand doesn’t matter where either   I am showing you two different  brands

 I’m going to use interface number 6 and you also have the option of using the  cover or not use it if you decide to use it   I recommend that you change the hoop of   plastic inside the lid   because it’s very important that you do this   step because if not what will happen is   that your yogurt is going to see the food   what is this cooking the day before  So what I recommend is that it be to take away or have it changed and put   a color that they will always use to   do to prepare your yogurt or prepare   their desserts I do recommend that   use a special hoop for desserts

 another for your meals then here just   I show to see how the   hoops and you can find them online   here I show you my pot so you can see   that there is nothing inside and the first thing that   we are going to do is empty the milk and what   What I’m going to do is leave a little because   I want to mix it with yogurt I don’t

 you have to do so if you won’t   do it all inside the pot what   they can do I like to do it like this   as I am going to show you and it is very little

 I’m going to put here  and the rest of the milk I will add   to the pot  This is the measure and I will use two   scoops   you have to mix very well to be able to   break up yogurt that’s very, very   important   now we empty this mixture to the pot   and also the can of condensed milk   and it is very important that we do this   step so that the condensed milk gets   break very well too ok because yes

 it stays a little sticky in the part of   below and how is sugar we want it  mix look how it’s here   so that’s why it’s important to do   this step  after finishing this step we will  cover the pot and can use the lid  that brings the install or can also  use a cover like the one I’m going to use  which is a glass cover or also

 if they don’t have a cover, they can’t   put a plate, in addition, ensure that tape   very good

 the next step is to press the button   where does yogurt say if you have never used   this button will automatically say 8   hours then let’s press the   yogurt button is going to leave me for 4   hours because the last time you   it was to laud dough then here I am going to   upload 8 hours and so I will leave no   I’m going to do absolutely nothing for 8   hours if they realize the count here  of time begins to count towards   forward it does not return but as the   meals when we prepare combination   this anger always the count is towards   back ok it’s not going to return it here not here   going forward I warn you so you don’t

 they will believe they did something wrong or   that your instinct has something wrong and here   I show you again the time for understanding me a little better   I need a minute just for  be ready the yogurt takes seven hours   with 59 minutes and here instead of   dial 8 hours says yogurt

 This means that your yogurt is already  ready let’s uncover the pot to see   how did it looks and let’s do the test   of the spoon   and how can you see if you passed the test without   put the spoon like this and it looks like this for   It also means that it came out perfect   we take them out of our interface to   put it in the refrigerator before putting it   to the refrigerator and to control the  condensation let’s put a   napkin on top


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