I have an instant pot for over a year and I’ve been scared to death to try using it I have cookbooks. I have explanations and it all looks so when I was on Facebook one day and saw the ad for this class I went oh my gosh. I can do this or maybe I can do this I think I have figured out just enough that. I can get by and I can read the instructions and not be afraid I’ve had a couple of classes recently a lot of Cainan classes that I’ve been doing and I had a lot of participants including folks in their community. who are asking about ways to cook their food faster but still I could maintain that healthiness I actually had a but a couple of participants who wanted to try cooking with the insta pot so what I did was I’ve looked into a lot of research behind insta pots it actually talked with a bunch of SCS agents who have done in Sepang classes and decided to hold one of my own and I really enjoyed the time with all the participants and I feel like they had a great time as well we made one of this we made was an instant pot rice and chicken recipe it involved incorporated like the most essential nutrients which we had a grain which was rice vegetables which included carrots and red bell peppers and our protein was chicken so we all kind of incorporated all of those nutrients that we need for everyday life into one meal and it was really great and they did such a wonderful job we also did a great recipe on baked apples which was super simple and only took about five minutes what I really loved about doing this in Sopot class is just being able to talk to folks and teach folks that you know you can make simple dishes and make them nutritious but fast and faster than you know you would get at a fast food restaurant I have been it’s two-putt at home I’ve had it for two months and it sat on the counter of those two months and stared at me reproachfully so having this class with Marcus was wonderful because he went through all the basics and and we could be and the instant putz so now I feel confident that I can do it on my own at home really enjoyed the class with Marcus I already have an pot at home but hasn’t been really braved enough to use it but I think after this class I’m a little bit more confident about using it and I’m sure that once I go home they’ll be asking me to start cooking but it’s been really a wonderful class and it’s a great introduction to insta pot if you’re not quite sure how to use it i like to share all the wounderfull detail with you it is one of the best and good gadget I am telling you you can prepare all the wounderful recipes in this pot you can cook all the recipes in the one pot really amazing and tender equipemt for 2020  you can start cooking from today

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