I will be showing you guys how I make baby back INSTANT POT RIBS in my instant pot and just to be very honest with you guys

I’m always intimidated by ribs easy like I’ve never cooked INSTANT POT RIBS the before on the grill in the oven none of that but I decided I’d give it a try and I will record it for you guys to see how it turned out if you have an instant pot and have really good

I’m loving my pot right now I’ve made plenty of things in it so far but I’m always open to new recipes so with the INSTANT POT RIBS that I used for my ribs it’s something I just made up there’s a lot of recipes on Pinterest but it’s just something I kind of just threw together and it worked out well it tastes really good so so I’m making just a rub for the ribs

basically seasoning them up I’m using a half a cup of brown sugar and then I’ll be using garlic pepper and seasoning salt I also had on hand some Cajun Seasoning which has a little bit of spicy so I was it’s going to be like a sweet spicy type of rub instant pot so I’ve made revs before for like a tri-tip so I’m kind of just making it up as I go with this one but there are plenty of rub recipes easy

once I got the meat all cleaned and took off a lot of little fatty pieces that were on there I mixed my rub together and then I’m just going to rub it on the ribs make sure to rub it completely on both sides of the ribs pot

┬áso the instant pot ribs come with a steamer rack and this is what I’m placing inside the bottom of my instant pot and then I’ll be placing the ribs on top of that and like a spiral type of way you’ll see right here how it sits in there it does not touch the bottom of the instant pot and that’s where I’ll be placing like the water so you have to put water I your instant pot in order to get that pressure cook or you’ll get a burn notice

so I’m placing a cup and a half of water and the bottom of my instant pot and I also saw an easy ribs recipe that they added soda they actually added coke I had Dr Pepper on hand so I added a 1/2 a cup of dr. pepper I don’t think it did anything to the flavor but it was worth a try

 so once I got everything in my instant pot I went ahead and closed it off and I  Made sure the little top part is on sea and not on like natural release because you want it to have that pressure cook I set it for 25 minutes on pressure and a let it g  so while the pressure cooker was working I went ahead and preheated my oven on broil for high so when I take the ribs out I will be placing them in the oven

so I’m always scared to do the release so I use a spoon and like stand all the way back just to release the steam once it’s completely done once I was done with the quick release and it completely released all of the pressure I went in and took off the top to see how they turned out and oh my goodness they were so tender they were falling off the bone ribs

when I took them out so place them on a cookie sheet to get the barbecue sauce on them you’ll see shortly they were falling off the bone as you can see right here and they were so tender and good now you’ll see me just placing them on the cookie sheet I’m going to put some barbecue sauce on top of them and put them in the oven for about pot ribs

10 minutes just to get the barbecue sauce nice and warm and like get a little bit of a glaze on top of each of the ribs though I’m using sweet baby Ray’s barbecue sauce but I’m pretty sure you can make your own barbecue sauce or whatever barbecue sauce that you like honestly you can eat these without barbecue sauce that’s how good they were I did taste a little piece before I put them in the oven and they were so good INSTANT POT RIBS-EASY RIBS RECIPES

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