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Instant pot recipes paleo when we generally think of rice preparation we get into a lot of frills and fancies but there is one recipe which you ought to know and that is a simple basic yet flavorful vegetable pulao so let’s begin for this I’m going to use some carrots French beans and cauliflower you could cut these vegetables into any shape of your choice with this are also slice a red onion a common complaint

while eating a full hour of biryani is the buy of the whole spice we are the small little trick to avoid that and that is by converting all of that into a portly so portly is nothing but a bundle spice the whole spices are cinnamon peppercorns cloves star anise black cardamom green cardamom bay leaves blades of myths whole fennel seeds with

this peeled cloves of garlic green chilies just make sure you break the stalks and finally some ginger just want to roughly cut it with the skin on and that again goes the fortune the whole thing up and tie it with another strand like so well make sure you use a nice muslin cloth for making this Oakley nevertheless if it cannot lay your hands on it through all of this in the oil the vegetables a ready and the portly is also ready so now let’s move on to making the

pulao I’m gonna use some key the G has heated to this Aladdin some cumin seeds and has the begin to crackle I’ll slide in the sliced onions to this I lied in little bit of salt to help it brown faster this browning could take anywhere between two to three minutes on moderate flame the onions have turned golden at this stage Aladin whole kazna and this one is completely optional give it a quick stir and add in the diced vegetables to this alongside in some leaves which have been shelled and kept you could also use frozen fields give this a quick view of this

– this Aladdin water allowing some salt give this a quick stir the secret of making the perfect pulao or Breanna rice is the proportion or the ratio of water and rice the water usually is twice the quantity as that of the rice give this a nice stir and now let’s drop in the masala Butley increase the flame and for the water to start boiling the water started boiling to this I’ll be adding in long grained basmati rice

which has been washed and soaked in cold water for 15 minutes give this a stir very gently do not break the grain of rice and allow this to boil on high flame for 10 to 12 minutes after 10 minutes when the water is evaporated I’ll lower the flame cover this with a lid and keep it on down for

another 8 to 10 minutes it’s been 10 minutes off goes the flame and let’s the rice for the doneness let’s discard the spiced pork Lee very carefully ¬†and now let’s serve the rice vegetable pulao is done and ready do try this at home and wait for working the Bombay chef gets into your kitchen

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