Instant Pot Loaded Veggie Fried Rice

if you were like me and constantly looking for both filling and easy vegan dinner recipes we are making a vegetable fried rice this recipe is super easy to throw together especially if you use the two tricks that I’m going to share in just a second its is filling and comforting it’s like  great meal prep recipe which I absolutely love

I have two tricks to make this recipe ridiculously easy and you can pick and choose how you want to make it the first one is to use a bag of frozen vegetables in now I feel like frozen vegetables get a bad rap but I love them we use them a in our house while fresh vegetables are awesome sometimes we’re trying to pinch pennies and watch how much we spend and frozen vegetables I have found are just so much cheaper I typically get one or two pound bag that range fro two to four dollars depending on where I shop and how big of a bag I’m getting vand then the other great thing about frozen vegetables is that they make dinner ridiculously easy and I love that I’m going to be showing you how to make the recipe today using fresh vegetables but all of the fresh vegetables I use instead of chopping all that up you could just replace all of it with a one or one and a half pound bag of frozen vegetables just throw it into the pan and then that is all you have to do the trick I have to making this recipe ridiculously easy is cooking your rice ahead of time I often like to plant it so that I may be making rice with a meal on the same Monday and then on Tuesday or Wednesday I will use the leftover rice that I cooked on Monday to make this stir-fried rice recipe just like the ease of not having like one more element when I’m making dinner like the rice is already ready you just pop it out of the fridge and into the pan when that time comes but then the other thing is that cold rice is much better for cooking fried rice a lot of the moisture kind of leaves it it’s a little bit drier and that is much better when you are frying rice okay without further ado because this thinkin’s Sun keeps moving let’s jump into this recipe starting out we’re going to melt some coconut oil in a large skillet then once coconut oil’s Moulton we will add in minced garlic and some ginger paste as well as carrot and onion and then sauté that for about five minutes until the veggies begin to soften then we’re going to add in chopped broccoli and red bell pepper and saute for a few more minutes so that those can start to cook before adding in frozen peas and carrots as well as some red cabbage on top of that we are going to mix in soy sauce and sesame oil as well as the cold rice that

I mentioned earlier and then we’re going to mix that all together and as best you can try leaving it in the pan for a couple of minutes without moving it so that some of the rice can kind of crisp up it will stick to the bottom of the pan just a little bit but that’s kind of how you get that like like a few of those harder crispy bits that I think tastes so good

alright so that is it for this vegetable fried rice it makes a lot of food which we never ever complain about because it makes for amazing leftovers it’s also great for meal prep I just showed you how to make the like vegetable part of the fried rice but I highly suggest if you want to make it like a full balanced meal or if you want to maybe meal prep it you could make a little tempeh or tofu on the side and either mix it in or just like serve it on the side in your meal prep container, either way, works great and it’s a way to kind of bulk the recipe up a little bit I have a recipe for both how to make a delicious tempeh and like a really delicious like easy crispy tofu recipe

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