Instant pot recipes I’m sharing with you how to make some pot and pot recipes I get a lot of questions about how do I use pot and pot why should I ever cook anything inside of it so I just want to show you a few recipes that you could use a pot inside of your instant pot so the first recipe is steamed vegetables now you can put water in your pot and put your vegetables in and cook them the only bad thing is  that if your vegetables are sitting in the water sometimes they get a little soggy so I like to put them inside a pot so I’m going to add about a cup and a half of water to the bottom of the pot next I’m going to add the pot in the pot and then I’m just going to add some vegetables so we have broccoli carrots cauliflower they all kind of cook around the same time so I’m just going to pour that into now when you’re steaming vegetables you still want the moisture to go into your vegetables so we’re not going to put a lid on we’re not going to do foil we’re just going to leave it just as it is here and we’re going to put the lid on and cook it so you’re going to turn the lid make sure it’s closed you’re going to turn the little knob to sealing not venting now with these vegetables I love steaming vegetables and instant pot because it only cooks for about a minute so you’re going to push the manual or the pressure cook button go down to one minute you have to wait for a few seconds until it says on once it says on you’re good to go and you can walk away so once the instant pot is done this little L will appear that means that you did it right it’s starting to count up so when that’s done you can turn this little knob over to venting so you’re going to vent all of the pressure out of it all right so once all the pressures out that little pin goes down and then you can open the lid oh and these vegetables are steamed perfectly it looks so good okay hold on out you’re going to stab it just so you can see how good it looks oh yeah those are like perfect they’re not too hard but not too soft they’re not the soggy vegetables now I love to cook my vegetables I had a little bit of garlic salt and a little bit of cheddar cheese and mix it together and that is my favorite way to eat steamed vegetables okay going on to recipe number two all right so the second recipe now using a pot and pot

you can do all kinds of delicious things one of my favorite things to making it it’s like dips so today I’m going to make a spinach artichoke dip using the pot in the pot and the instant pot so first we’re going to start out with about 10 ounces of frozen spinach so I’m just going to pour it right into my bowl okay next we’re going to add the sauces so this isn’t a healthy dip but it sure tastes amazing so we’re going to do about a cup of mayonnaise you can’t use Miracle Whip if you want but I like mayonnaise a little bit better and I’m just going to eyeballing this so it’s about a cup of mayonnaise and then a cup of some sour cream now it doesn’t really matter what kind of sour cream if you have low-fat or normal it just doesn’t matter so just about a cup of that we’re just going to mix this all together now I let my spinach sit out for whole about him I don’t know five minutes or so just so it’s not so frozen so it will mix a little bit easier okay so next we’re going to add the artichoke hearts now this one is a 12 ounce can you can do anywhere from like 10 to 14 ounce now I’ve drained it so you don’t want a ton of liquid in there but I’m just going to pour it right in now you can chop these up smaller if you want but I personally love the giant chunks of artichoke alright so after we have the artichokes then we’re going to add about a cup of mozzarella cheese okay so once we get our mozzarella cheese now we just need a little bit of seasoning in there so we’re going to add about a half teaspoon of garlic salt and again I’m just going to eyeball it and then just a pinch of cayenne if you choose to you don’t have to do this and then about ΒΌ teaspoon or a pinch of some pepper all right then we’re just going to mix that all together ok once it’s all mixed together then we’re going to put it just right into the new pot so we don’t want to put this right and directly into our instant pot because we don’t want it to be all wet and soggy so we use that another pot so we’ll actually cook but not be soaking wet alright so we’re just going to lay this flat the best that we can all right see that yeah ok so now we’re ready to put it in the pot so we’re going to just grab about a cup of water you just pour it right in then we’re going to lower down our pot so we’re going to use some foil and just put it on top to seal in the artichoke dip once your foils on you are ready to go so we’re gonna put the lid on make sure this little knob is turned to sealing not  there you go then we’re going to push the manual or pressure cook button whatever instant pot you’re using and we’re going to go to about ten minutes now after you set the timer again you’re just going to let it sit there for a few seconds while

you’re waiting it’s going to beep and then it’s going to say on that means you did it right so you can just walk away so when your insta pot is done cooking you’re going to see that little L and if the timer is going to start going up so that means you did it right so we’re going to turn this little knob to venting it’s going to be a quick release so you just turn it to the side ooh and if all the steam is already out or good so we can go ahead and open up our lid and it should be all cooks ready to go okay we’re going to take off our foil very carefully there we go so it’s really browned on the outside but what I’m going to do is I’m going to stick it in the broiler for about a minute or two to just get it nice and bubbly on top so we’re going to pull it out now it’s this handle is going to be really hot right now it’s going to get extra water out and then just throw it right in to the oven okay the spinach artichoke is done and it smells so good I just want to show you guys this I mean it is nice and creamy and soles


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