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Today we’re gonna be making some drop pepper bratwurst and some good old fashioned goulash in our instant pots for the bratwurst recipe you’re going to need bratwurst, of course, a can of dr. pepper or your can of favorite beer and about 2 tablespoons of butter then

you’re going to want to put your salt your instant pot on sauté once it’s how you’re going to drop in about 2 tablespoon of butter and let that melt and then put

your bratwurst in and let them brown up on one side for about 2 to 3 minutes once they’re brown on one side we’re going to flip them over let them brown on the other side for an additional two to

three minutes once both sides are brown you’re going to want to turn your instant pot off so just hit the cancel button and you’re gonna pull the bratwurst out of

the instant pot and I just put mine on  plate to set aside for a second while we get the a and stuff out ready to finish picking on now you’re going to want to put the wire rack in your instant pot that came with it and then you’re gonna pour your can of beer or your can soda into the instant pot I’m using dr.pepper since I don’t really like bebut if you like the beer bratwurst flavor definitely use your favorite can of beer for this recipe you’re then when

I want to go ahead and put you bratwurst back into the crockpot on top of the wire rack put your lid on mak sure the little valve thing is to the sealed position and then you’re going t pressure cook your bratwurst for about, six minutes once those are done you d want to go ahead and do a natural release so just let all the steam com out until the little red pin drops down

that means all the pressure is out theyou can go ahead and open your lid up and your bratwurst are done you’ll just remove them from your instant pot my favorite way to eat them is on a hot dog bun with some mustard but you can eat them however you like so goo now for my yummy goulash recipe that doesn’t have any chunks you need a pound of ground beef some beef broth or some beef bouillon some minced garlic

you need some minced onion some bay leaves some oregano some Italia seasoning some olive oil some moisture Shire sauce some macaroni noodles I use about a pound of them I’m not a pound

sorry a cup of them and then about thirty to thirty-two ounces of tomato sauce so first off you’re gonna want to put your instant pot on sautee while

that is heating up we are gonna go ahead and make some beef broth since I don’t have beef broth I just have to be fully owned I just took about a cup and a half of water and warmed it up in the microwave a little bit and then I’m going to put some of this beef bullion in there I put more than what it says

you need to make beef broth because I like mine like extra beefy but you can just follow the directions on the can to make yours or you can just use plain old beef broth either one work once your instant pot is hot we are going to go ahead and put in some olive oil to start to heat up and then we are going to saute the minced garlic a little bit and add in the beef and make sure we get

that all browned up this is also the time if you are using fresh onions you can go ahead and saute those a little bit too before you put the beef in since

I’m using the minced onions I’m just gonna add them in when I add my beef and cook them with the beef

I’m also adding a little bit of salt and pepper when I’m adding the minced onions as well so you’ll see me add salt and pepper here you can also add some seasoning salt some garlic powder or whatever type of seasonings you like

once the meat is cooked all the way through you are going to want to drain the grease so I just took my pot out and drained it in the sink really fast and then you’re going to want to start adding the other ingredients so first I added a cup and a half of the beef broth mixture and then I went ahead and started adding my tomato sauces like

I said I used about thirty to thirty-two ounces I think the cans are actually 32 ounces of tomato sauce now the original recipe calls for half tomato sauce and half chunks of tomatoes as I mentioned I don’t my family doesn’t like chunky tomatoes in our food so I just chose to use all tomato sauce instead the

if your family likes chunkier of stuff in their food feel for you to use the original recipe now I’m going to go ahead and add the rest of the ingredients I had some work show Shire sauce some Italian seasonings

I’m gonna be adding oregano and salt and pepper as I mentioned I don’t usually

measure my seasonings the recipe will be

if you need actual measurements I just season for what I feel like will be good and then you want to add in 3 bay leaves so I threw those in and then I mixed I up a little bit before I threw in my macaroni noodles

once your noodles are in and just give it one last good stir to make sure everything is incorporated and then we are going to go ahead and put the lid on make sure the valve is in the sealed position and then you are going to pressure cook this for one to two minutes I like my noodles really soft so

I did about one minute I mean I did about two minutes but you can totally just do one and to get more of an all dente type of noodle once it is done you are just going to do it the quick release and then wait for all the steam

to finish and for the little red pin to drop down once the little red pin has dropped it down you can go ahead and open this up I did throw some cheese in here at the end if you want to just topped with cheese individually you can totally do that but I went ahead and took my bay leaves out first which is

very important sorry I forgot that you want to make sure you take your bay leaves out first no you don’t want to bite into those they’re gonna taste a really really bitter so pull out your bay leaves and then I threw in some cheese and mix that in as well this goulash turned out so good I am a huge fan of any kind of cheesy pasta so goulash is right up my alley

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