Instant Pot Crispy SMASHED POTATOES super easy recipe for you if you’re looking for a last-minute snack and these aren’t just great for Super Bowl Sundays, but they’re also great for aside for dinner the kids love these mashed potatoes with garlic and Parmesan topping we’re not huge football fans or hockey fans for that matter, but when it comes to championship games we’re all over it, and mainly it’s because of the snacks this recipe is going to go super fast so pay attention I’ve got two pounds of baby creamer potatoes and I already have a cup of water in my instant pot with a trivet at the bottom, and I’m just gonna dump these in would you believe that’s t I’m gonna put the lid on fastest recipe ever locking it into place putting the sealing knob on sealing and we’re gonna cook them for five minutes on high pressure in the meantime we’ll prepare the rest of it while the potatoes are cooking you can make the rest of the ingredients which is not a lot I melt it 6 tablespoons of butter unsalted, and I’m going to add four cloves of minced garlic right into the butter, and if you don’t want to use all butter you can also use maybe half butter half olive oil, but the butter really does give it that extra delicious flavor, and if you want it more garlicky you can always add and work our lick and if you don’t want it as garlicky you can always cut down the garlic it’s really up to you there’s no fast rule about it and then stir that around separate the garlic because we’re going to spoon this over our mashed potatoes I’m gonna says smells so good because the butter was still warm, and now it’s heated up some of the garlic smells delicious mm-hmm all right moving on I’m grating some Parmesan cheese no this doesn’t look like a lot, but this is just a little bit that came off and I’m finally greeting it you can use a bigger grater if you want this is the more significant chunk of cheese I’m aiming for about two tablespoons to a quarter cup and again you can add more or less it’s up to you and you know as much as I love chips and dips there’s something about just warm yummy buttery and garlic flavored potatoes whether they be fries or these mashed potatoes that takes everything up another level I love me some guacamole and chips and other dips but yeah when you work in that warm snack yeah makes all the difference right remember that right that you made it was blooming cheese bread oh my goodness that was delicious might have to do that too yeah, and it takes them like these bills all right just a little tip for you these rhymes from the back of the Parmesan cheese I like to wrap it up when I’m making soups and stuff you toss it into the soup make sure you scoop it out before you serve your soup otherwise someone’s going to end up with one big salty chunk of parmesan surprise I happen to have some Italian parsley in the fridge, so I’m just gonna cut chop up the leaves for a little bit of garnish you don’t have fresh you can always use and dried parsley and toss that in with your butter and garlic like maybe a teaspoon all right we quick released the steam and pressure and look at what they’re already done yummy you just put them straight on my sheet pan, and I’ve Already preheated my broiler you can see when I start to get impatient instead of picking up just one at a time I’ll take two, and then that’s when I cause problems I don’t know like dropping potatoes right now it’s the smashing part my son who doesn’t even like potatoes will gobble these up and if you don’t have these little baby potatoes you can always use regular potatoes and quarter them it’s so squish them alright garlic butter here we come up the food music make sure you scoop down because there’s a lot of garlic at the bottom that wasn’t being transferred no I knew it at the beginning I didn’t know how much was in there so I’m just gonna add a little bit more precisely some of these that feel like they’re lacking just season it with salt and pepper however much you would like remember this Parmesan is a little bit salty as well and pepper then again only used as much as you like and if you like pepper omit it altogether and we’re gonna put a little bit of this Parmesan cheese o each one, and I’m just gonna put these to six minutes until they start to brown and get a little bit crispy I’m So Excited I think the Italian parsley really does add some freshness to it, but if it’s too fancy for your guys omit them all right I know you all are waiting for mmm the taste guys really I’m a big fan of just chips all day long and chips and dip and guac all day long but something to be said about something like this it doesn’t take very much it looks upscale and deluxe, but as you’ve seen it’s pretty straightforward to put together, and you can customize it however you want I’m gonna go intake one for the team probably gonna burn my fingers burn my tongue my lips, but you know what for you guys I’m gonna do it oh my goodness burn setting it right about now I don’t know how close you can get to the potato, but the instant pot manages to make the potato nice and soft through and through see how tender that is, and then you get a crispy crust from the broiling, and it smells fantastic the aroma is so fragrant I’m just stalling because I don’t want to burn my mouth mmm well that potato is cooked perfectly lovely and tender on the inside, and that butter like garlicky butter went right through that potato so good the cheese in there the Parmesan mm-hmm it’s worth burning my tongue high as you can see these were incredibly easy and yummy snacks to make Instant Pot Crispy SMASHED POTATOES

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