Happy New Year |Tips on How to Make a Great New Year’s Eve Dish

Happy New Year this month on  the Kitchen I thought I’d make an simple taster recipe knowing that we’re coming into some NYE parties something that you can just kind of whip together in concerning 10 minutes and bring with you and it’s definitely  yummy dish it’s like a brochette so I think you’ll really enjoy it and the best thing about it just like the last one it only takes regarding five ingredients and like cook times about five minutes in conventional  oven particular  oven as well as  you can just look together and head out the door so that’s always a fan favorite for me so we’ll focus on our ingredients really quick you could always make the crustiness yourself if you have extra time I on the other hand go to dear Burt and grab them already made which is super easy and these are delicious they actually are like lightly buttered and ready to go basically and then that’ll love your little cherry tomatoes these are super easy and just all you needs one kit and you’ll be good to go and then again pesto already made in the sauce aisle I had to look for it at dear Berg’s so you can just grab that and it’s delicious and you don’t have to do anything really and then you like olive oil because you just brush it over the Christie’s and then bacon and you just make a few strips of bacon in the oven

Actually that’s my little tip if you don’t know about it already that the best crispiest bacon is when you preheated at 400 put it in a pan with aluminum foil so that it doesn’t get all nasty and put it in the oven for about 10 minutes or so and when you pull it out it’s ready to go and it’s so much less of a mess so if you’re on the go but you love bacon there’s your tip of the day so any way we’ve already done cooks bacon like I said we’re cutting up the tomatoes and I just like quarter them and then basically all you do is take all the ingredients so the pesto the cut tomatoes and the bacon and then you sprinkle in some Parmesan cheese just for taste into a bowl and then just mix it together and then you’ll take your crustiness I told you about and I just actually show you I just drizzle him drizzle them with olive oil like this and I mean it’s going to get messy but you can also probably take like a brush and just

brush it on if you wanted to and then I already have the oven preheated from the bacon so it’s really easy and you’ll actually just throw them in there for about five minutes and that way they just get nice and warm a little bit softer and just a little bit toasty and then after that we’ll throw the stuff in the bowl on top and you can head out the door so it’s extremely easy okay so we’ve had these in the oven for a few minutes I’m all hooked up and now

I also chopped the bacon so that’s done as well and then you can just add that into the bowl of your ingredients so just to confirm we have the pesto we have the tomatoes and we have the bacon and then I’m just going to sprinkle on the Asiago parmesan Romano blended cheese on top and then you can also sprinkle that on which you haven’t made as well so we just made this a couple of weeks ago and I plan on making this again for a check shoe tree I never pronounced that word right charcuterie party this coming weekend and what we did then was actually wrapped this and saran wrap and then brought the crustiest over to the house we’re going to pop them in the oven there and then actually preps in

there and had him on a tray for everybody to eat but I think it’s going to be a perfect side dish for a party like that but could also be a perfect side dish for really any for any of my busy mom friends this recipe will become a favorite of yours because even my kids eat it too so that’s actually a huge bonus that I didn’t think was bad so once you’re ready to go you can even show this like

I said for a minute if you need to then you just literally take it on the spin and still hot put it on the bread and then you can sprinkle a little cheese on pops you want to make it extra pretty and that’s it it’s super simple so I want to make sure that I take a minute to wish you guys a very happy prosperous and healthy New Year and thank you so much for the impact that you guys have all had on my life and I wish you the best so cheers to 2020

Happy new year to myall friend

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