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I’m trying to eat a little bit healthier in the new year right but that doesn’t mean you have to eliminate all of the fun stuff so today I’m making a chocolate cake that is sweet and rich but best of all it is good for you and I’m very excited kylie and Shakira have it at the counter how’s it taste game private join it already don’t ask okay so here we go so this is the thing what are the things that I try to really reduce and my diet is processed sugars okay because it could be really inflammatory anybody could be really hard on the gut a little

bit so we’re gonna sweeten this cake with some interesting sugars we’re going to start with coconut sugar which is way easier on the body way easier and they’ve gotten the inflammation and we whisked it together with some eggs and some vanilla here and when you do that you really want to spend some time a couple of minutes to really error rate

this you want to get it nice and light and fluffy okay so we’ve got that already done and I’m gonna add some coconut oil and some coconut milk to this mixture just like this and the Ricoh cannot oil you know I mean Debbie’s if she had a dollar for every time I mentioned coconut oil but its medium-chain triglycerides they’re a great healthy fat that can help your body actually utilize fat as a fuel source so they’re actually really quite efficient isn’t just great in food it’s

great for your body it’s great for your skin your cuticles your hair it’s just I mean it’s so good it’s so so good and yeah they’ll give you a little bit of  coconut flavor but not too bad and then

I’m gonna add coconut milk as well another one of my favorites obviously dairy-free and you’re gonna bring that all together now we’re gonna need a little bit more sweetness in there morE than just the coconut sugar so what

we’ve done here as I pureed some dates so dates yummy great for you and you pureed this so the fiber of the date is still in that mixture there which means that it’s not gonna get absorbed int your body quite as quickly rights you’re not gonna spike that insulin and

then crash after a piece of this you guys better not fall asleep are so so so sweet on their own yeah exactly right exactly I mean that’s almost gonna give

it more sweetness than the coconut sugar yeah it definitely will they’re super yummy super sweet I’m gonna put this guy

over here and we’re gonna mix these together okay so I’ll put that aside and now we’re going to work on the dry ingredients for a second I’m going to bring some different types of flour in here now you guys I’ve mentioned this before I try to reduce my gluten I try to reduce even my grains the grains that

I consume so what would years we got buckwheat flour we’ve got sesame flour and then we’ve got coconut flour right all right and buckwheat flour isn’t actually what I know it’s called buckwheat some people think it’s wheat right camera exactly right the ground right it’s exactly right but I think it got its name because it’s so nutty and so you know it’s so substantial right there so they call buckwheat flour we got sesame flour which is also an interesting choice it’ll give a really interesting flavor to the stick would you yes very to unions well you know to me there’s more tahini to come there’s more teaming up

okay we’re going out a little bit of a cocoa powder in the dry ingredients and then we’re gonna add I’m gonna start with baking soda baking powder a little bit of salt and I’m gonna add some guar gum okay and trypsin I’m gonna try to add the guar gum is since we’re making this without any gluten right so you need something to really kind of bind these ingredients together guar gum is great at stabilizing and binding for the cakes because you really need that obviously when you remove gluten found from a recipe you’re gonna want to try and figure out another way to kind of keep things together and bind them like that so for gum is a great way t do that its drive from beans natural

yeah again natural hear things like guar gum and you think oh boy that must be bad for me it’s not see I didn’t even know that surely that’s all working together okay I’m combining the exactly come on Ella you’re next what do you got so you know-how wouldn’t have those chocolate cakes or brownies or whatever and you’ve got some chocolate chips in there for the texture a little crunch in There well another substitute you can use is just pure cacao nibs

which is obviously we’re not adding any extra sugar you still get that crunch you still get that chocolatey kind of flavor in there obviously cacao so I’m gonna mix that all up just like this what makes I think distinguished is a really good cake or brownie from one

that’s just kind of a and it’s the different textures and those pick habits make it gives it something extra it’s an adventure to eat well that’s what I try to do here now I probably could have mixed this together a little better so

please understand that I would have to spend a little bit time doing that use an 8×8 pan just pop it in there and we’re gonna put it in

the oven Hey 350 for 30 to 35 minutes of course always like we always say depending on your oven spread that around and then what you want to do after you bake it for about 3035 minutes you were to take it out and you want to let it cool a little bit and then we’re gonna add some great frosting, okay so the frosting has got tahini

it’s got maple syrup it’s got cocoa powder and cocoa butter all mixed to get a little bit of water – Wow bring it together so damn great more healthy and how’s it taste I’m the great and you know how to Heaney can sometimes be very overpowering yes yes sesame seed because you’ve put the cocoa powder in here and the maple sugar

 it really cuts that sort of bite from that but you can still taste the tahini right what I do okay back to there and then I’m gonna garnish with a few toasted sesame seeds yes I do in your spare time you should consider opening a bakery no well you know it just might happen instance I don’t have a plate all

I have is a fork I’m going I’m going in Right here and right now so I’m glad you guys like it I hope you try it at home because it’s really good for something I hope you all if you’re in the Los Angeles area you visit cams cafe which will be right down the street, mmm but in the meantime, you’re gonna make this guilt-free chocolate cake make sure to grab the recipe at the It’s good well done

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