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We are preparing Turkish food  I will share a recipe with you how to  Eggplant recipes easy in Serbian As you saw the name of the dish is karnıyarık. So I chose the dishes so we will make eggplant because these are my specialties I will translate this dish into Serbian as Eggplant vegan   But translation actually is cleft stomach Now Hüseyin will tell us why the name is like that if he knows I’ll show you what I did before I made a video For meal, you need eggplant first I peeled the eggplant and put it in salted water to avoid bitterness Now I will show you Maybe I kept it in the water for 20 minutes I’m going to take it out of the water and get it ready to put in the oven Huseyin will help me Now tell us the name of the dish Karnyarık so cleft stomach But it is a special name because the eggplant opens like a stomach cleft stomach so it opens like stomach that’s it ok okay I was going to say this I got braces I removed the eggplant from the water now we will dry it a little. And then we will put it in the oven What am I going to do You can help dry the eggplant I’ll show you later yeah that chili pepper is hot I forgot to say something I cut a little bit of eggplant like this We will pour the oil on the eggplant Is it made like this? We’ll talk about it in a minute I use sunflower oil and I will use some olive oil. We will put the eggplant in the oven and cook it at 200 ° like this  Normally we fry the aubergines for but this is a little healthier with less oil Hussein will peel and cut the onion because I have makeup and I shouldn’t cry We will use hot pepper Whoever likes Turkish cuisine will like Ii Whole if you like Turkish food People got corona from eating bats So now he has the garlic chili pepper and You pressed my feet now garlic chopped hot pepper and onion I stepped on your feet chopped onion And now we will fry it a little Is Cacık tzatziki? yes… Maybe the Greeks took it from us? No, we say sarma, they sarmayi kebap Is it Greek when I put me in the word? Yogurt is something we drink all over the world but in turkey, yogurt is sour cream Now I will add the spices here I put two teaspoons of salt a teaspoon of black pepper a teaspoon of hot red pepper two teaspoons of they if you don’t like the pain, you can put half a spoon of black pepper and half a spoon of hot red pepper he will rend tomatoes You love spice it is hospices are okay if you don’ like spicy you can put a little fewer spices and less salt 1 hour has passed and we will take the eggplant from the oven now we will use round tray and put the eggplants here and fill them with minced meat So there is not so much meat normally, but my wife’s hands are generous I put a lot of meat I am doing this to pour it on top  I added hot water with tomato sauce and I will pour it over the eggplant as a sauce. We put it in the oven again you can put it between 180 and 200 ° Here I took it out from the oven It was in the oven for about 20 minutes I made some decoration, I put parsley on it We will use butter or margarine for pilav I will use one spoon of butter I don’t know how to translate this into serbıan Something like rice it is a small rice and it is called şehirye in Turkish (noodles) it is yellow we roast it with butter until it turns brown. Before we start preparing the pilav, we soak it in hot water and leave the rice until it absorbs the water. Then it is ready and you can start pilav now we will add noodles to butter Actually, you can do it without noodles so there is no problem, you pour rice directly and roast the rice with oil. As you can see, it is orange and it’s time to add the rice I will add water to kettle because you need to add hot water (no matter how much rice you use, you will add two times that of water) We cook rice on low heat About ten minutes, By the way, Hüseyin is on a diet In a bowl he will grate cucumber now Grated cucumber he will now add sour crème 100 gr we will add 4 sour cremes of 100 gr so we will use 400 gr of sour crème we add water and we will add garlic too, By the way, it is eaten as cold and it is eaten instead of salad We have cold water here, we add water there were some garlic left here so I do it like this Now he has to mix it up. It shouldn’t be too dense or too liquid We also add salt, so you have to try it according to your taste Here it looks like this I served it this way We will eat it like this. you should it like this normally I wasn’t hungry but I prepared food so I became hungry we add mint and olive when serving to Enjoy your meal everyone enjoys your meal

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Eggplant recipes easy –Turkish food – cooking
We are preparing Turkish food I will share a recipe with you how to Eggplant recipes easy in Serbian As you saw the name of the dish is karnıyarık.
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