Can You Cook Frozen Meat in the Instant Pot? — Frozen Pot Roast, Pork Chops & Chicken

today we’re going to learn all about how to cook frozen meat in the instant pot if you haven’t heard of me

I show lots and lots of food mostly slow cooker and instant pot for anybody on the goall the time or just busy I might stayat home work from home homeschooling momof seven kids actually two of my kidsare now in college but all the rest arefrom ages 5 up to 17 and we’rehomeschooling them and then I have a 20year old and a 22-year-old in collegethey come and go someone is living awayfrom here but anyway I just thought I’dget started with the different kinds ofmeat and I know one of the big questions with the instant pot is if we can cook it from soup and that is one of mylife savers because a lot of times whenI am cooking I like to make slow cookermeals because I can put it in in themorning and get goingwith the meal and then by evening timeit’s ready I started by creating thatfreezer a slow cooker meal plan but theneventually I learned that I keptforgetting to put the food in the slowcooker just because I don’t know I’mnot that organized of a person I shouldsay on a normal basis and so whenever Ifinally decided to try out the instantpot a few years ago it was a lifesaverbecause anytime I didn’t do the slowcooker meal I can always cook it in the

instant pot and it’s easier to cook things from frozen in the instant pot as well so today the first thing I’m going to show you is a roast and since its frozen, I’m going to go ahead and use the trivet got mixed feelings on that because I like it cooking the juices but it’s more likely to stick since it’ll be flat on the bottom so well it won’t be flat for a little while because it’s got a thaw first but anyway I’ve got this big roast right here and it’s gonna just kind of sideways and then I like to season with a little bit of onion soup mix that we had made and I

think it’s two packets well so I am just going to I don’t think we had made it actually I said that but I think that we had somehow this dumped it into a spice container I’m not sure why but I’m gonna try to use it up so I’m gonna season it on one side so that got it on the actual meat and then I’m gonna season it on the other side and then I’m gonna put a can of beef consommé in there for my liquid because it’s really rich tasting and it really adds some great flavor to it and so I’m just gonna pour that in now you could use beef broth or even water sealing this dress is a three-pound roast and so we’re going to do it for its frozen it’s gonna go a little longer than normal normally I would do a roast for 20 minutes per pound of meat which would equal 60 this time you’re gonna add a little extra time we’re gonna go with 70 minutes on that and then if we were going to do vegetables

with it you would wait and add those at the end who they were cut off you could get away with like five minutes and then a natural release but anyway let’s get this going this is my 8 quarts instant pot so I’m doing the pressure cook button some of you might have a manual button and that would be fine to use as well that’s how my 6 quart is the pressure cook and then 70 minutes is an hour and 2 minutes and like I said make sure that valve is closed and then it’ll just come on and once it goes pressure is when the countdown will start so now the roast has been cooking for the 70 minutes and I let it natural release for 15 minutes and so now I’m going to let out the remaining pressure alright here goes almost done luckily doesn’t take you long we’re just waiting for the 10 right here to fall and once it does the

instant pot will allow me to open the lids but until that happens I will not be able to open the lid pin finally fell a little longer than I thought it would and now Rose should be ready

I want to check it oh yeah those nice and tender it looks like it’s covered in the onion soup mix but it should have a nice flavor here’s the finished product of the cooked roast beef it’s so yummy and moist we could turn the sauce sits in here into gravy by adding some cornstarch and water and then you just hit this saute button then it would thicken it up and you could pour it over there I don’t have enough time setup tonight because I have to pack for vacation but you get the general idea

 what this meal tastes like whenever it was done here’s the finished roast it’s not the prettiest lifting thing had a lot of fat on it that I had to pick around but it sure tastes amazing alright next I have some pork chops had actually made these for a freezer meal and these I will lime pork chops and

I just wanted to show you how you can do these from frozen and how well they turn out so all I’m gonna do I think this is actually just throw in the big workshop so these are all boneless you don’t have to do it that way but if you don’t do it but we must have to cook longer typically and typically pork chops don’t have to cook as long as most other meats because they’re then normally it’s like ten minutes five to ten minutes and then a natural naturally spurt least ten minutes I think I’m gonna go in 15 minutes and then naturally so since they’re frozen hopefully I’m not wrong make sure your above is sealing once again I’ve lost my Trebek for my 6 quart and it doesn’t show me the Burn Notice as badly as the 8 quart does but if you have your tribute you might still consider using it I get mixed results on it I kind of like it a little bit crispy on the bottom because it doesn’t usually burn it that bad and my husband prefers his meat more crispy so I like to do itwithout the TripIt but if you’re worried at all I would definitely use it for this one I’m just using the manual button I think I just told you 15 minutes but I think I’m gonna do the 20 minutes and probably release the pressure a little faster all right so this is the pork chops and as you can see I’ve been letting it go for about 18 minutes on natural release I meant to do it for 10 but time got away so I’m gonna go ahead and quick release the rest of

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