, how to make my clean and tasty egg basic muffins now I get a lot of requests for high-calories  lunch  preparation  ideas so this recipe was inspired by particular  C as well as  D fam these healthy  muffins are wealthy calories   crammed with salad  plus you be able to make  on particular  weekends so  y’ll have a tasty healthful grab-and-go breakfast that’s ready in the direction of go on a busy week  morning so particular initial thing that I do is prepare my vegetables I have 1 cup of baby spinach that I’ve got chopped up and I always buy one or two containers of the pre-washed greens from the grocery store this is a really convenient way to make sure that you’re working leafy greens into your diet without having to spend a lot of time prepping them in the kitchen then I’m gonna dice up a tomato I need 1/2 a cup of diced tomato personally I love using a roma tomato for this a plum tomato because they don’t have as much water in them as a lot of the other tomatoes too so your basic healthy  muffins won’t get waterlogged and then you  need 1/2 a cup of diced up bell chilli as well I’m using an red as well as a orange bell pepper just as we love the combination of the colors it’s super beautiful but by all means and use what you have on hand then

I get all those veggies into a bowl and gently toss them jointly so I’ve got all of particular  vegetable  ready  roll, as well as just a side note here you can really use any type of vegetable that you love so feel free to take this recipe and make it your own the general rule of thumb here, is you’re gonna want two cups of prepared vegetables to make 12 egg white muffins I’m going near take your muffin pot as well as  I’m just gonna drench each  cup of muffin  by some cuisine spurt this is super important because eggs love to stick and we want these muffins to slide right out of the pan once you’ve got your pan greased then you’re gonna take that vegetable  mixture and just divide it as consistently as we can amongst all 10  cup of muffin  I usually go a little lighter my first round and then if I have extra I go back and fill them in then I’m just gonna set that aside and we’re gonna make the egg mixture now you do need a blender for this as well as  I start by adding 2 cups of  healthy egg into the blender now we  highly recommend

free separated  Leggat the grocery market  for a recipe like this so that you’re not separating a bunch of eggs and then wasting the yolks however if I’ll do need  for the sake of taking some entire nuts then I’ll might   about five nuts per beaker  healthy egg  again that’s not single  perfect science want to play with it a bit but roughly speaking that’s the direction you want ahead then I have half a cup of cottage cheese that’s gonna add another little boost of protein and add a little bit of body to the egg mixture half a teaspoon of kosher salt half a teaspoon of black pepper and a half a teaspoon of garlic powder pop on the lid and then I’m gonna

let this blend on high for about 45 seconds not only is that gonna mix everything together as well  obtain everything in truth well incorporated except it’s also going to set some air into particular  egg mixture which is gonna help  remain these healthy egg muffins nice and light and fluffy when they bake up you’re gonna see that when you’re done blending that the egg mixture looks like this see how to light an area look that’s exactly what we’re going for so from here I’m gonna do my best to divide this evenly amongst all 12 muffin cups really this is like an exact pour so this should fit perfectly in your muffin pan once I’ve got everything in the pan and ready to roll I’m going to transfer this into a 300 degree fahrenheit oven for 25 minutes I keep the oven temperature a little lower than I would for most recipes because I want the eggs to cook slowly again so they stay nice and tender I don’t want them to become hard or rubbery now one thing to keep in mind with these muffins is that while they do pack a good punch of protein each little muffin has about 5 grams of protein they are very low-calorie so when you’re eating them for breakfast keep that in mind you might want to pack them with

some fresh fruit or put some avocado over the top just to help stay you satisfied in favor of a longer period of time once particular  muffins are done cooking you’re gonna see that they puffed up a bit and they look absolutely delicious so I just let them cool down until I can manage them and then they should pop right out of the muffin tin just like this mmm they’re so light and so tender and I love the little bite from particular peppers as well as  of particular spinach it’s kind of like an egg white vegetable omelet on the go so good now what I like to do is I store them in these three cup glass containers six egg  muffins fit perfectly in each container pop on the lid these will stack right in the refrigerator and I have a high-protein veggie-rich breakfast ready to grab and go when I want it so now I’m super excited for you all to try the recipe and if you enjoyed

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