Breakfast Recipes Casserole With Sausage

we’ll be making a breakfast  casserole with sausage  and while I most about these recipes because they are so personal breakfast is for me personally is the most technical of the day because I have to get everyone ready for the day but at the same time I have to make sure that everyone is actually starting the day with healthy and hearty meal so I like to have it ready and because of that I like to make it in advance this breakfast casserole is easy to prepare  can easily get it in the morning and if you don’t have anything actually for dinner because it’s so hearty and full of protein you can actually have it for dinner as well to start will actually have to put the bacon first after that we’ll combine the sausage with some thinner and bell peppers and everything will be combined with an egg cheese mixture and it will go into the oven the egg nature will actually have to use combination of eggs sour cream with your words cheese milk from South pepper and Alberta South Africa to add extra flavor I highly recommend that it actually use the cheese that you bite this time we will be using mozzarella cheese the breakfast cannoli is really good when combined some projects cheese or cheddar cheese the mixture will combine the ground sausage with some onion garlic also bell pepper and peanuts so this is where you can actually get to make this one help them to connect some mushroom to the penis a great so you can you know whatever you want to use from the  preacher and just kind of chocolate and here after that with the probation now that we are armed with a meat mixture we will combine egg mixture and the bacon and everything will go into the oven so now a breakfast casserole is done now all we have to do is just top it with some green onions cut it and serve it with maybe some sour cream on top and bunions so this turned out great I like to serve it with a little sour cream and just warm you can take the bacon and place the drum sausage you can add more  if you want and your favorite cheese if you like it spicy I can recommend the little buffalo sauce or even like any hot sauce it’s real good and you know in the making in the evening and just serving for breakfast you can freeze it and just toast it a little in the oven and it’s ready to serve so this way breakfast is simple delicious healthy this recipes casserole recipes with sausage it is one of the best recipes I will would recommend you you can try it at your home and serve to your family beause we all are so busy and doing hard work so this recipes will help us to give more energy while we are on the job and office it will help us to do more work whole day

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