Best Instant Pot Quart Duo Evo lux Nova Max Ultra Reviews

Best Instant Pot Quart Duo Evo lux Nova Max Ultra   Reviews
 REVIEW Instant Pot Quart Duo Evo Lux Nova Max Ultra 
Best  Instant pot programmable pressure cooker
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Best Instant Pot Quart Duo Evo Lux Nova Max Ultra Reviews

so I’m going to show you guys two of my favorite easy Keto Soup & Chili Recipes that can be made in the instant pod these are so simple so they’re great for when you come home from work and you’ve got no time but you have to get dinner on the table first up I’m going to show you how to make my keto lasagna soup this soup is hearty it has tons of tomato flavor and it’s delicious your kids are going to like it too then I’m going to show you

how to make my keto spicy creamy chicken and rice that’s also cooked in the instant pot and it’s absolutely phenomenal you could actually use it as a dip too and just scoop it up with some pork rinds one of my favorites so let’s get started

show you how to make my Keto lasagna soup like I mentioned before the soup is hearty  has tomato in it ground beef and it’s delicious I’m going to be using a shirataki noodles in my soup you don’t have to use that if you don’t want to like if you don’t really like the texture of shirataki noodles you can substitute with just some cauliflower rice chunks of cauliflower even some sheets of zucchini noodles that would be perfect in this recipe too it’d be like you are actually having lasagna

this recipe will probably take you around 10 or 1 minutes to make the soup is only cooked on high at 5 minutes under the pressure cooker start by adding 2 tablespoons of olive oil to the inside liner of your pressure cooker then add 1 pound of ground beef 1/2 a cup of chopped onion 1 cup of chopped celery and 2 minced garlic cloves into the pot we’re going to sauté this until the beef is browned

to add one full can of diced tomatoes make sure you save the liquid to don’t drain it off and the two tablespoons of tomato paste you could totally omit this if you’re none wanting to open up a can of tomato paste it’s still going to taste excellent you ‘also need 1 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce look for a low sugar variety teaspoons of Italian seasoning 1 bay leaf 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of black pepper then add 4 cups of chicken broth and I actually like to make my own chicken broth

add our shirataki noodles at this point too so this is one full package that I’m adding into the broth these are the shirataki noodles I’m going to use today they’re by Erode I like them because they actually have oat fiber in me too they’re very low in carbs hardly anything I think it’s like one gram of carb per serving in this which is 1/4 of a packet so it’s a lo of noodles but the oat fiber just gets rid of that that weird texture that’ sure talking it wills tend to have so it

it’s more of an actual noodle texture s this is my favorite lookout for this one but like I said any brand will word and you could use cauliflower rice if you wanted to then replace the lid plug it in and we’re going to pressure cook this

for five minutes on high, I’d like to do a natural release for around 2 or 3 minutes before completely releasing the pressure top with mozzarella cheese and a scoop of ricotta cheese

show you how to make that keto spicy creamy chicken and rice for this recipe I’m going to add one and a half to two pounds of chicken thighs to your chili we’re also going to add one and a half cups of chicken broth to my instant pot one can of diced tomatoes with the juice to one small can of diced green chilies two tablespoon of heavy cream one and a half teaspoons of chili powder one teaspoon of salt on teaspoon of ground cumin half a teaspoon of garlic powder a half a teaspoon of onion powder a half a teaspoon of dried oregano and one teaspoon of black pepper whisk all of those ingredients together

until they’re combined we’re also going to add one package of cream cheese that have cubed up into small chunks and just place that around the chicken secure the lid on your instant pot and make sure your valve is set to seal and then we’re going to pressure cook this o high for 15 minutes let your pressure release naturally for 10 minutes before releasing the valve just shred up your chicken I have an

an easy tip for you and that’s to use your hand mixer so just whip out your hand

mixer and blend everything together it’s going to shred the chicken up beautifully you could also take your chicken out and shred it with two forks or just cut I up with a knife but this is so easy just to mix it up with the hand mixer don’t have to forget splatter all over your kitchen counters perfect way t shred chicken and that’s it ready to serve you could top it with some sour cream some cilantro cheese bacon crumbles it’


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I'm going to show you guys two of my favorite easy Keto Soup & Chili Recipes that can be made in the instant pod these are so simple

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THE BEST INSTANT POT is smart and excellent new 21-century equipment  it builds in the unique design which can ready to cook all the cooking meal single pot I will all the brand-related to instant pot like Evo, duo, lux, max, ultra these all the different type of pot each one have unique features which can prepare different type of meal you can use it as slow cooker or can make quick all are can adjust with it multi-touch program system these pots have well-developed material, we can also show you the internal part of the pot and uses of the internal part and their material and there functional it  with the help of it touch smart screen you can adjust it cooking time it can multi better advance feature for cooking it is one the best cooking equipment for kitchen  every single family of USA has this pot I will give you detail view of each pot which helps you which one is matched to you you can also be able how to use 

REVIEW Instant Pot Quart Duo Evo Lux Nova Max Ultra

The new Best Instant Pot Quart Duo Evo Lux Nova Max Ultra One Touch Multi Reviews  and we’re going to be doing an Unboxing so I just got it I’m barely opening it so it comes with a getting started guide it also comes with the maintenance guide very light this is the instant pot  and it also have the tray the back it’s very different from the pressure cooker because there’s no pressure valve but it has a button you just press it to open it has the steamer basket it has a measuring cup and it has actual little Bowl inside of it

  • the instant pot is a type of pressure with manufacture with the multi-program function you can use it as a slow cooker and also u can use to prepare rice  also it can prepare yogurt 
  • the instant pot is a single appliance through which can use for multi-program function  
  • single pot has all the best feature
  • its size is not as big so can adjust it every part of your kitchen
  • you can easily to wash your pot
  • it is  top best  seller pot of USA
  • this pot can save your precious time to cook food fast and preserver all the nutrient  
  • you can prepare all type of meal in a single one-touch multi programmable cooker  

Best Instant pot programmable pressure cooker

  • if you didn’t grow up with a pressure cooker in your house you might be scared to use one the old stovetop pressure cookers were very loud and not very accurate

Cook Food fast

  • It can cook food twice as fast or faster than using a regular pot on the stovetop steam fills up inside the pressure cooker and cooks food faster

Save  Time And Management

  •  Saves your time and energy whatever you cook in a pressure cooker turns out very flavorful and retain nutrient  

Safe To Use

  •  one of the best features whatever you’re cooking inside the pot all the cooking is done in one pot so it’s convenient and the instant pot uses 10 safety mechanisms so it’s very safe to use them outside of the unit is brushed stainless steel and should resist fingerprints
  • lid the handle is very comfortable the float valve creates a seal for pressure cooking when the desired temperature and pressure builds up inside the pot the valve pops up and seals the pot it locks the lid when the valve comes down completely

Quick Release Pressure

  • quick released  it’s safe to open the lid

Seven Function In Single Pot

  • it has seven functions pressure cooker slow cooker which is 30 minutes to 20 hour
  • rice cooker which is fully
  • Automatic sauté or browning this feature
  • Yogurt maker
  • steamer and warmer


  • pulled out to wash the cord can be wrapped around this hook
  • three-ply bottom stainless
  • steel cooking pot
  • six quarts there’s also a stainless steel steam rack with handle

Adjustable According To Time

  • some recipe need 24-hour time one for delay  cooking an automatic keep-warm function holds food warm for up to 10 hours until you’re ready to eat the unit operates at low pressure and

 Easy To Clean Up

  • you clean your pot very easy and gently it has metal part and has anti-block shield you can remove it and clean it

Programmable Setting

  • with the help of its one-touch program, you can delay the time or increase the time what type of food you are cooking

Adjust Pressure

  • you can also adjust the pressure in the pot with one-touch multi-program screen

floating valve

  • the floating valve helps you to quickly release the pressure

 Instant Pot DUO Review

  • If you are looking for easy cooking and you are a beginner then you need to buy this model of pot every American citizen has this model. It is very easy to use the model is invented for those folk which is busy time schedules and lovely to prepare dinner for their kin then need this instant pot duo. it name indicate that it only one pot but if you buy this pot then it means you buy six kitchen daily use appliance  The duo model comes with simple led screen and bottom are present to operate your work you can adjust change the function of your pot according to your time and food .it is modern-day gadgets so it has stream release function handle which helps us weather release the pressure or retain the pressure   .it can prepare your food faster as you can need duo pot to have affordable price for everyone the reason it is high conversion product duo pot comes with ULC safety certificate which is also a good reason why we can choose this due to safety insurance like lid position detector electric fuse and thermal safety it overheat safety protection steam release, safety lid lock,


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