BEST INSTANT POT ACCESSORIES having everything get all mixed up you can use the basket without the steamer insert or without the divider insert it also has this big boy and this fits inside this this did not come with it this piece right here did not come with it this did this goes to my 8 quart symphonia which is like an instant pot only a big Daddy and better if we think this fits down in there all of these items fit down in my 8 quart as well as – 6 quart the only thing that doesn’t fit my 8 quart is this lid and the gasket so the lid the gasket fit my 6 quart back to this steamer basket as a silicone handle so it you’re less likely to burn yourself and also on the bottom it has a little silicone feet and I had to put those on they didn’t come assembled on there and if you when you put them on if you just put it here it towards the middle the rest of it will open up and you can just slide them under that’s for easy washing yep take those off and like he said easy washing and speaking of washing we have a little scrub pad with Nubba’s on it and it feels soft I may just use this for washing my face because it’s that soft but it’s for loosening Grimes you know easy cleanup the pots and pans and steamers we have this with a carry handle and you can put eggs in here you can do puddings in here it’s deep enough to the bottle whole egg and it comes with a lid so say you want to put some vegetables in here and single servings or make baby food coasters yep right booster it’s anything like that and then you want to put them in the freezer but you got a lid and then limit once they’re frozen you pop them out and you vacuum seal them or put them in a baggie so that you have your individual servings it could not possibly get any easier than that except this is a holder goes down in there and you can pick this up you can actually use it for any of them you to pick up a wire right I’m in the bottom of your pan just around a little trivet yeah you’re absolutely right this comes in very handy we received one with our symphonia and we use it a lot so this is going to come in handy I’m glad we have the second one here and did I show you the doilies comes with seven and a half inch round paper doilies and have little cutouts to look lacy and pretty so you can put these under your foods they look really good under cakes cupcakes this is sixty pieces and they’re going to look really pretty under the cakes that you make in your springform pan and finally we come down to the magnets now I put these on my symphonia there’s five of them instructional magnets right I’ll show you close up here but all five of them fit perfectly around my symphonia so say you don’t even have to put all five of them on there saying you want to do chicken and you want to remind yourself how to do the vegetables with the chicken or whatever this comes with some instructions to give you some information on how much water how long to cook it if you release the pressure quick release or natural release if you’re going to cook it frozen and what temperature settings I mean these magnets we have chicken and vegetable seafood and other meats drains vegetables and meats and this it has like chicken breast boneless some stew me roast beef and pork loin big ole magnets this one is beans and legumes and pasta and grains so we have five of them you don’t have to stick them to the spite of your instant pot frigerator I really I like these cheat sheet magnets that just gives you a good starting point for what you’re going to do now if you’re going to say boil some peanuts which John absolutely loves I mean loathes seventy five minutes you don’t do them frozen you cook them on high and use a natural release did you know that I certainly didn’t but now I do and you know they’re just they do come in so handy and that way you don’ have to go run to do something when you want to use your instant pastas or your symphonia all together I think this is in excess of 70 pieces if you count each one of these separate it is such an bargain you guys at thirty nine and change so it’s just under 40 bucks the company’s called home again and I did a little research on them they’re a California-based company and they’re just family oriented and want to get you back into loving your home that’s what the paperwork says on I THICK YOU LIKE MY INSTANT POT ACCESSORIES I FEEL

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