Best baked chicken recipes hello my friends  today I am showing you how to prepare  a juicy  chicken bonless  baked t at this instant I know frequently times when we think of chicken  baked  we reflect of dry flavorless overcooked  beast chicken however I promise you so as to does not have to  be particular  case I make out I for one am not willing to sacrifice great flavor in the name of health nor should you be so I’m gonna share all of my tricks and tips to help you learn to make single  nice luscious kind cooking chicken breast in oven  and I’m also gonna share one of my favorite ways to enjoy this  chicken baked  beast  recipes  and that is topped with my creamy dairy-free garlic mushrooms at the present the initial thing that I like to do is take my easy chicken baked recipes   out of the refrigerator about 20 – 30 minutes before we get it in the oven this gives it the opportunity to come up to room temperature which is going to help keep it nice and juicy and tender once we bake beast  chicken now when it comes to baked  I always do my finest headed for buy organic beast  and particular chicken that I’m using today  from a company called butcher box they offer a monthly delivery service where they deliver a variety of grass-fed beef pastured organic  beast chicken and heritage pork right to your door and  just an FYI but organic  is not an option for you do not worry about it don’t sweat it just buy what’s available as well  enjoy it now it’s also important before we bake boneless chicken  that it’s dry as a bone otherwise once we get it in the baked chicken in th  oven it’s gonna end up steaming and that is not what we’re looking for so what I like to do is just take a few paper towels as well as just Pat it down a bit to absorb any of the extra moisture now you may have noticed that I don’t wash or rinse my beast before I work with it on any potential bacteria so as to could be on the hen it’s gonna get killed off once it cooks  baked chicken in oven so you really don’t need to worry about it however one thing I do like to do is make sure that I am washing my hands several times throughout the cooking process this way if I touch the chicken beast and then I’m gonna touch something else like my salt or my pepper or my spoon I’m not getting chicken on everything that I’m touching now the next step to making sure that you pleasant luscious kind chicken breast is to make sure that it’s the same thickness all the way around right normally when we buy a  breast there’s different levels of thickness throughout the breast a few of there’s a slight bit thicker a few is a little bit thinner as well as what happens is if you cook it this way it’s not going to cook all at particular  equal time as well as  the thinner parts of the hen are gonna become overcooked as well as  the thicker parts risk being undercooked so what we want to do is create a consistent thickness before we cook the beast  so here’s how I like to do that I’m just going to start by laying down a small piece of synthetic envelop or wax paper on the counter then I’m gonna lay the  cripy chicken baked  on top of that as well as  then place another piece of wax paper or plastic wrap over the top then I’m going to be using a meat mallet to do the job but if you did not have a  meat hammer you could moreover use a rolling pin or a heavy pan or even a Canobie okay and what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna pound down and out so you’re gonna look for the thick areas hit down and outwards to thin them out a bit and you’re just gonna eyeball where it looks a little thicker and aim for those areas until it’s even out now once you’re done your chicken breast should like kind as well as even all around just like this and this is how you know that it’s gonna cooking whole chicken in  oven now from here I’m just gonna get them on to a rimmed baking sheet I lay them on there upside down and drizzle a little oil over them I’m using an avocado oil you could also do an olive oil here and then just gently rub it all over the bottom of the chicken flip the rest over drizzle that oil over the top as well rub that in and then we’re ready for the spices now I’m keeping the seasoning very simple today I’m just doing a little bit of kosher salt some black pepper garlic powder and a little bit of smoked paprika for color now this is where you can have some fun with the recipe because simply by changing up the seasonings you can completely change the flavor of the dish a few other blends that I really like to turn to are a little bit of chili powder over the top I also love a Chinese five-spice powder or even a simple Italian blend but of course use what you have use what you love from here I’m gonna pop my beast  into a 450 degree oven for about 15 min or until the internal temperature of the chicken reaches 160 degrees then I’m gonna pull it out and let it rest on the counter for another five minutes or so you let all of those juices redistribute and you’re gonna see that the residual heat from the chicken baked  is gonna bring the temperature up to 165 which is exactly where you want your beast  when you’re ready to eat it and if you take a look come on down and see here that once you cut into the baked breasts it’s pleasant and kind and succulent now if you were making this chicken for your meal prep you would take it from here transfer it into an airtight container as well as  it will happily last in your fridge for up to five days if you wanted to enjoy this  breast as is you could easily serve it up with some of your favorite sides a few of our favorite go-to sides to enjoy with this baked chicken  is my chopped corn broccoli my sweet potato wedges or a nice big kale salad but as promised I want to show you one of my favorite favorite ways to eat this beast as well as  that is with my creamy dairy-free garlic mushrooms poured right over the top so I have a nice large saute pan heating up over a medium heat and to that I’m adding just one tablespoon of olive oil and then once that oil is heated through I’m adding in 10 ounces of sliced cremini mushrooms now to prepare my mushrooms all that I did was wipe them down with a wet paper towel you want to remember that mushrooms are like a sponge so you don’t really want to run them under water otherwise they’re gonna become waterlogged so to wipe off any excess dirt you just take a wet paper towel and wipe them down then I just trim off the bottom of the stem and cut them in two slices now once you have them in the pan you don’t want to touch them if you want to let them Brown up and release from the pan and naturally and once they’re looking just like this then you’re ready to add a nice big pinch of kosher salt and some fresh chopped garlic give that a stir let it go for about 3045 seconds or until that garlic is just starting to become fragrant then I add in some canned coconut milk and a little bit of fresh chopped thyme now if you open up your coconut milk and it’s separated just run it through the blender really quick so this way it’s nice and rich and creamy before you add it into the pan and on another note if you do dairy you could also use some cream here as well I’m gonna let that simmer for just a couple of minutes and you’re gonna see that very quickly it’s gonna thicken up and all of these flavors are going to come together and that’s how you know that your mushrooms are ready to go so just shut off the heat spoon some of the mushrooms over your chicken breast and then I like to finish it with a little bit of fresh chopped parsley over the top this chicken is so juicy and so tender and I just love the way that it pairs with the rich creamy mushrooms you have got to try this one this could certainly be a nice light meal just the way it is or if you wanted to make it a little more family friendly delicious you could serve it with your favorite grain and a green vegetable on the side so good now

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