I’m going to show you guys how   do my favorite soup beef ravioli soup    I’ve  learned how  do in the instant pot beefy  soup in your pressure cooker         going to be quick it’s going to be easy it’s going to be delicious all right while we’re heating up let’s go ahead you don’t have to wait for it to heat it up and throw in one or two pounds of ground beef and we’ll throw in about teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of pepper   all right so we’re going to Brown this meat up about halfway through before it gets brown we’re going to add in our onion and I’l show you what that looks like and let me get there so you can see we’re about halfway there we still got some red in there I’m going to throw in our onion that was one onion we’re going to throw in six cloves of garlic now as you can see I know that you’re probably going what is that well that I freeze my garlic I chop my raw garlic and I just freeze it it’s easier to do that way I just break  off  we’re just going to keep sautéing for about another three or four minutes here okay so it’s been about three minutes we’re going to add in our beef broth now you can see that this is this is actually a beef concentrate so I’ll be adding water to this as well but basically if you use beef broth that’s in the container you’re going to add a whole container to it ends up being concerning four cups if you’re using better than bullion then you’re going to use four teaspoons of better than bullion and I’ putting that in now just to kind of melt it a little bit I’m going to go ahead and add in my water all right so I’ve added in my water now so again that was four cups of water I added to four teaspoons of better than Boyar once again if you’re using beef broth or whatever just use four cups or an entire container wet and one teaspoon of Italian seasoning and then what I have going in right here is put it in here and then I’m going to tell you what it is two tablespoons of tomato paste now we’re going to add in 8 ounces of those are baby bellows or baby Bella’s I should say but you can add in any mushrooms that you like now we’re going to throw in a 28 ounce can of diced tomatoes try to get a good brand of diced tomatoes up you if you can yeah we’ll just stir that in alright so now we’re going to go in was just some mixed vegetables here you can use any kind of vegetables that you want I’m going to add in this whole pack this is 10 ounce pack or you could if you’re not into the ounces thing 1/2 – 1 cup of mixed vegetables and for good measure I’m going to add in another teaspoon of salt and then when it’s done we’ll you know we’ll check for seasoning again okay we’ll just give that one good stir there now here we go right here’s the thing guys we’re about ready to pressure this but I just want to tell you this I’m using butternut squash ravioli ok they make any kind of ravioli you want beef ravioli butternut squash any kind of ravioli you want the this ravioli right here is it’s in the refrigerator section it’s not frozen ok so begins how this is like you made ravioli at home so if you’re going to be using the refrigerated con or you know a homemade kind that you just made you’re not going to want to put these in your instant pot right now okay so if you’re using frozen ravioli go ahead and throw those in your instant pot now all right so let’s pretend you’ve got your frozen ravioli in there if you’re using the put linen lock it down set your instant pot to pressure-cook all right and we’regonna pressure it set the time for six minutes again we’re going to pressure it o high when it gets to pressure it’s tonnage pressure for six minutes and then we’re going to let it come down naturally for ten minutes and then we’re going to

quick release alright ready to quick release this thing so here we go using mice Petrel alright we just took the lid off you can see we’re still boiling uh bubbling up there a little bit I’m not going to stir it just yet cut I’m going to fog up the lens so for all of you that used frozen ravioli you’re done go ahead and serve it and child down for those of you who are like me and use the fresh packaged ravioli go ahead and put in it  pressure cooker set  pressure cooker  sauté and it’s probably going to take  think  took us  three time  last time so we’re going to go and turn this on sautéed hit start and just going to n push this down I don’t want to stir I up too much maybe just a little bit I just don’t want to break these ravioli so what’s going to happen we’re going to g for about three minutes or so and when these raviolis are done we’re goon serve I’m just incorporating this in o it I didn’t want to do it really on camera cause it’s going to fog up the lens but you just want to incorporate this in there just like that so that too about five minutes make sure just follow your package directions now we’re going to go ahead and service some of this and give it a taste alright let’s dive in to this guys and give it a shot take some of this rap butternut squash ravioli I’ve let it cool just a little bit that is fantastic guys okay remember this now you can use any kind of ravioli you won this I this is butternut squash it’s really good it kind of gives a little hint of sweetnes in there too but beef cheese do whatever you want all right guys beefy ravioli soup in your instant pot

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